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Ingredients to Look for in Cat Food

Dec 3rd 2015 at 10:26 PM

Your cat’s weight, energy level, comfort, and well-being are all dependent on the type of food you choose to feed him. Unfortunately, pet stores and grocery stores are full of pet food brands that don’t adequately support feline health. Don’t depend on the label to tell you if it is healthy or not. Instead, look for these ingredients.

A named protein source

According to a professional pet clinic, a well-named protein source should always be the first ingredient listed on the cat food bag. Felines are carnivores, which means they depend on meat as the only thing in their diet.

The type of meat is extremely important. Some cat food brands will simply list “meat” which could mean anything. Instead, look for a named protein source such as chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef. This first ingredient can also be followed with other named animal parts including chicken liver and chicken heart.

A named fat source

Cats require high-quality fats in their diet. Just make sure that the fat source is named! Low-quality fats can result in obesity, in addition to offering very little nutritional value. Acceptable fats include chicken fat and sunflower oil, in addition to other high-quality oils.

Vitamins and minerals

A premium cat food will contain all of the vitamins and minerals a kitty needs to be healthy. One important ingredient is taurine. Felines need taurine in their diet because they can’t produce it on their own. Without adequate taurine in his diet, your pet may experience retinal degeneration.

Avoid carbohydrates

Don’t let your appetite for leafy greens, vegetables, and grains lead you to purchase a cat food with carbohydrates. As obligate carnivores, they don’t need these items in their diet in order to remain healthy. As a matter of fact, many of these ingredients are added as fillers to make Fluffy feel full without actually providing any nutritional value. Some fillers can actually cause digestive problems and allergies in some felines.

Unfortunately, many dry foods depend on carbohydrates to hold the ingredients together. If you purchase dry food, avoid corn and wheat, and instead look for green peas and sweet potatoes.

Need help choosing the right food for your feline friend? Your local pet clinic can help you for pets care and choose a brand that’s right for your cat.

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