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How to Stop Your Pug from Licking Excessively

Aug 4th 2014 at 6:50 AM

Have you noticed that your pug has been licking way too much? While dogs lick all the time, excessive licking is not healthy and may be linked to problems, either emotional or physical. If you feel that you cannot understand what the problem is, immediately take your pug to the vet for a checkup.

Common Causes of Excessive Licking

Skin Problems

Skin problems resulting from allergies and fleas can be a major cause of excessive licking and even biting of the skin. Your dog may be allergic to certain chemicals, pollen, or even some food items. Fleas also cause a feeling of discomfort to the skin resulting in excessive licking and scratching. Other skin problems could include ringworm, hives, and mange.

Pain, Injuries and Emotional Problems

Dogs tend to lick when they are in pain or injured in any way. The licking helps increase blood flow in that area and creates some moisture, which acts as an anesthesia upon evaporating. Emotional problems such as anxiety, boredom, and stress can also cause your pug to lick excessively. As time passes, this licking habit can become an obsession, which can be bad for the skin.

Remedies to Stop Excessive Licking

Calming Herbs and Homeopathy

Calming herbs are great at reducing the anxiety and stress levels in your pug. Chamomile is a great herb option. You can make tea with it and add a few spoonfuls to your pug’s food. Homeopathy including Valeriana, Chamomilla, and Ignatia, has also proven to have amazing result.

Fatty Acids

If your pug licks excessively due to skin irritations, then adding Omega-3 fatty acids to their diet can help. These help to stop the itching and irritations, and recondition the dry skin.

Natural Diet

Feeding your pug commercial dog foods can result in the development of allergies and skin irritations, which thereby causes licking and scratching. Instead, try feeding your dog a wholesome and natural diet that is free from artificial colors and flavors. Add the necessary supplements to the diet and this will help fix the issue, make your pug’s skin healthier, and the immune system stronger.

Regular Exercise

Make sure that your pug gets the desired amount of exercise on a regular basis. This will help give your pug energy and health and will also stimulate brain activity in your dog, resulting in happiness and a release of all that pent up energy. When your pug is happy and healthy, they will likely not lick out of frustration or boredom.

It is important that you first find out what the cause of this excessive licking is. Once you know the cause, you can better take steps to find solutions for that cause. If it is hard for you to figure the cause out, then you should immediately take your pug to the vet. They will carry out a thorough checkup and then let you know. Also, never ignore this issue because it might become worse and unfixable later on.

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