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How the nitrate water filter helpful to maintain balance in the aquarium?

May 23rd 2015 at 6:07 AM

It’s very impressive to observe an aquarium in a friend’s house or in a store. But do you know the basic requirements of keeping a fish tank or aquarium in the house? Why need to change the fish aquarium water in a certain interval? Many more questions come in the mind while you are new to this field. To maintain the balance of the biological atmosphere inside the aquarium nitrogen cycle is very much necessary to remove toxin and filtrate the water biologically. In this nitrogen cycle, bacteria and fungi help to degrade uneaten foods, dead fishes, plants into ammonia. The aerobic bacteria need oxygen to survive. With the help of oxygen ammonia converted into nitrite and then nitrite into nitrate. This nitrate is toxic for fish tanks and need to remove by frequent water change. In short the steps are:

  • Need to add specific bacteria in the aquarium water
  • Bacteria help to degrade the uneaten food particles, dead plants and fishes
  • Food particle turned into ammonia
  • with the help of oxygen ammonia convert to nitrite
  • Nitrite with oxygen generate nitrate
  • Nitrate removal necessary for purification of water

The nitrate water filter system helps to degrade the nitrate into nitrogen gas naturally. The nitrogen gas comes out from the water surface and mix with the air. This nitrate removal process is commonly known as a de-nitrification process.

Though nitrate is less than ammonia and nitrite, still nitrate removal is necessary. It generates stress in the living organisms such as fishes, and plants. As a result, fishes and plants infected with diseases. Nitrate is harmful for them. So, the complete nitrification process requires. And also the increased nitrate concentration in the aquarium can cause algae blooms.

Nitrification is necessary for freshwater as well as fish aquarium water. If it can be done by natural way it will be more beneficial for aquatic environments. A good filtration system can help to keep the balance of nitrogen. This nitrogen is essential for plant growth in aquatic media. In any way, if the nitrogen cycle disturbed, total control of the aquarium gets disrupted.

Whenever people want to purchase a nitrate water filter they should know the whereabouts of biological aspects of aquatic plants and fishes. The atmosphere should suitable for living organisms so that they survive. You need to provide better filtration system to filter the toxins from the water and clean it.

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