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Dog Allergy Symptoms – Understanding The Reasons Behind All The Scratching

Oct 13th 2015 at 3:08 AM

One of the most common ways to imagine your canine pal is pawing away at his ear, scratching the hell out of the place, and gaining immense satisfaction from the job-well-done!

It is just one of those characteristic features by which we identify dogs – they scratch – Period! And trust me when I say this – they love doing what they do…

But there are times when you should look closer at the reasons behind that unexplained itch in your pet to paw at his/her own skin. It might be a dog allergy that you may have been ignoring all this time. This article will help you understand the reasons behind a regular scratching fit and what might be something that is way more sinister.

One of the first things that you should understand is that scratching is a common phenomenon with dogs. In most cases, the reason behind the action will be a meaningless itch that can easily be ignored. However, when the action becomes persistent and your pet ends up actually damaging his coat skin, you need to look closer at the equation. The scratching might be a dog allergy symptom.

The way to go ahead is to regularly examine the area where your dog loves to scratch. If he has scratched it to the point that sores have developed on and around the affected area or he has actually damaged his/her skin, it is time you should take him/her to a vet. The reasons behind the itchy feeling are just one side of the story – this persistent scratching can actually lead to the development of infections and wounds that will require medical attention.

In most cases, a dog can actually scratch is skin till it is red and inflamed. If you witness any of these dog allergy symptoms in your pet, take him to a vet immediately. The medical professional will then move to examine the area and investigate into the reasons behind the itch. He will test skin scrapings and blood samples to determine the actual cause of the allergy. A dull, dry coat or dandruff can be considered as additional indications that matters are more serious that you previously thought.

Of course, your vet will prescribe adequate medication to counter most dog allergies; however, getting your pet to stop scratching is a near-impossible task. In case the problem has started because of any fleas or parasite on their skin, getting them disinfected and properly cleaned is the first step that you should be taking. You can also think about using preventive gear to stop your dog from reaching the infected area to continue scratching. Accessories like an Elizabeth collar are quite helpful to ensure that your beloved pet does not re-open wounds and lets the infected area heal without incessant scratching. But trust me when I say this – he/she is not going to like any of these measures.

My final advice will be that you should be patient and let the healing process take its course. In case you are looking for more information on dog allergies, visit

About The Author

Chandler James is celebrated veterinarian and avid writer, whose articles and blogs are a must-read for pet owners looking to understand the biology of their beloved dogs and cats better. He explains treatments and diseases that commonly affect dogs in an easy to understand way to help people in taking care of their pets better. He recommends as the go-to place for all kinds of cat and dog allergy treatments.

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