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Does Your House Smell Like Your Pets? Or Smell of Cigarette?

Oct 30th 2010 at 4:27 PM

Does Your House Smell Like Your Pets?
I have a simple cheap way to keep Your Home smelling Clean and Fresh!

About a year or so ago, I had 5 Dogs, 3  cats, a bird, a gold fish and a bunny rabbit living inside my home.
No matter what I did or how often I cleaned it still smelled like Animals.
Especially in the winter time when everything is all closed up. No windows are opened to circulate the air. Which often happens during the hot summer when we have our air conditioners/ central air going 24/7.

So when talking to a dear friend of mine (and partner online) Brenda Crofoot, she had

suggested getting a Candle designed especially for Pet Orders.
I did a search : pet candles odor eliminator
They are around $8 here is a link I found when doing a search, you may find something cheaper. I have NO Affiliation to this site at all, it is just an example: Click Here

You can also purchase them from some veterinarians. If you don't want to pay shipping you can check to see if your local veterinarian has them to purchase. Brenda said that she burns her candle quite a lot and it lasts about a month or so.  They have a wonderful aroma, with a fairly good selection of fragrances to choose from.

Another AWESOME and Very Economical Way

Purchase a spray bottle of Fabric Refresher
Most Dollar Tree  or other types of Dollar Stores, have them for Only $1
One Bottle will last for a month or so depending on how many rooms you spray and how often.
They also have Febreze which is more expensive, it is all up to your taste in fragrance you like.  Check it out here

I have been using this Fabric Refresher for about a year now and it works Great.
Spray your curtains, couch, chairs, bed spreads, pet beds or anywhere that has fabric where your animals are at.
Which in my house is in every room! LOL..
Our Cats RULE the living room! We almost have to ask permission to sit on our couch or love seat LOL.
We always have a dog sleeping in our bedroom with us, so freshening the bed spread and our bed pillows makes a big difference.

Even though our house still has several pets all it takes is to walk around the house once a day
and spray the fabrics and no one would ever know we own pets.

You can also use this same routine above for eliminating Cigarette smell from Your home, office or vehicle!
To Eliminate Cigarette odor:
Once or twice a day empty the ass trays into s closed container .  We have a decorated popcorn tin that we use to empty our ashtrays into and seal it back up, (Make Sure ALL cigarette Butts are FULLY OUT and not smoking before Emptying.)
They are decorative and seal tight keeping the OLD cigarette butt smell in the tin and not in our house.
Then walk around your office or home and spray all fabrics with the Fabric Refresher
Do not hold the bottle real close to the fabric or it will get wet.
Do the same in Your vehicles! Empty all ashtrays and spray.
Keeps your vehicle smelling Fresh.
Especially if you are going to be giving a non smoker a ride, they will not complain of the smell. Works Great!

Hope this helps with your pet and cigarette oders.

Dee Westcott

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Feb 28th 2011 at 4:48 AM by NinaNestoroff
Citronella is sort of a lemony scent. I like the fragrance. I planted it near my front door to keep the mosquitoes at bay and so I could enjoy the scent. Now I'm planting rosemary b/c I absolutely love it!
Feb 15th 2011 at 1:22 PM by wendymckee
Ha! I am laughing at your comment of never hearing about citronella oil before. I live in one of the mosquito capitol's of the world, I'm sure, so am very well aware of it. Just funny, that's all.
Jan 21st 2011 at 8:30 AM by freebiejunkie
Usually you can buy citronella oil in the area where they have pest control or Off! sprays, because it's a good natural mosquito deterrent. I actually like the smell of it, but I know some people who just can't stand it. It definitely works though!
Jan 11th 2011 at 5:14 PM by deewest
citronella oil never heard of it.. sounds like it would smell like fruit.. where do you get that?
Jan 4th 2011 at 10:06 PM by minx267
Great article.. I'm going to have to check out those candles. they look promising.
Nov 5th 2010 at 6:17 PM by rhondamorton
Great article Dee, thanks! We don't have animals nor smokers in home now, but long while ago (my EX) used to smoke, I used to use a product I think was called "odor sponge" , also used it temporarily in refrigerator in pinch when didn't have baking soda for smells *but leave container partially covered if you do that* ... It comes in little white plastic dish, sort of shaped like a 250ml sour cream container. I hope this works for other people too!
Nov 1st 2010 at 7:45 AM by wonderlady
I enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for the tips.
Oct 31st 2010 at 5:51 PM by bjfoot
Hey! Dee... The other thing that really works is Ozium. We used it in the hospitals and I use it in the trucks and around the house as well. You can purchase it at Walmart. I really love the Pet Odor Candles and I've used Febreeze for a very long time.

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