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Feb 10th 2013 at 6:22 AM

We all love beauty! We happen to be in seeking beauty in different things, in nature, in life, in seasons and of course in beautiful creatures on the globe. People visit beautiful places in their towns, cities or in countryside to explore beauty around. Some fly abroad to find out what nature has to show to them. Many of us like beauty in the creatures around us and for that people visit zoo with their children to amaze them with beautiful animals, birds and reptiles.

Of course, God's creatures are one of most attractive beauty on the Earth. Those who can meet the expense of having a mammal in their home, do it but most of us find it quite expensive. Those beauty seekers like to make the birds, their friends. Although, there an instinctive love of people does exist towards beautiful diverse birds which makes them a good bird keeper. They get special sections in their house lobbies, install and fix large size cages to keep various types of birds. These cages are so large, that usually they consist on area from one corner of wall to other, so that birds inside remain flying and feel like they own a big bungalow, not just a narrow hut.

If you start exploring strange birds, their pictures and sounds, you will be thrilled to find out such beautiful and attractive birds that you would like to deeply indulge yourself in studying, researching those birds, their pictures and even you will find such species of birds that would have never been heard or seen by you. There are some bird dictionary sites but during my research on birds, I found that no site can completely cover the full ranges and species of birds. Many sites have efficiently managed to place a large database of birds online but there is a countless number of species in the birds living being that no one can unearth the countless number of birds and indefinite beauty of this creature.

Birds do have a variety of fascinating knacks that make people fall in love with them. You must know that birds are also famous singers, yes, many birds can sing with their beautiful melodious sound that you will love to hear them again and again. Birds produce such a beautiful sound during singing that instills a burst of sweetness inside your ears and you would love to engage yourself playing with birds, hearing their melody, and exploring more of them.

Let’s talk about canary, a beautiful cute bird, from finches family, and a popular singer. Canary sound is so beautiful that people like it and buy canaries only for the purpose of listening to their songs. To keep these amazing birds in home is also a hobby of children as they can find some activity interacting around these birds. Bird lovers like to have such singing birds not only because of their own love for birds but also to give their kids a good busyness at home.

Bird lovers turned to keep birds, into an industry. People like birds, keep them at home, enjoy hanging around with them, breed them, and then sell these birds for profit, even heavyhearted. Thus, having birds has become a passion.

I keep studying birds, their sounds, their habits and love to see new birds. So I found a community site – Birdsbarter – that takes bird lovers through A to Z of birds. Although, this community is newly born and invokes people to come into, join, participate, blog, share their birds story, sell and buy birds, and most worthwhile for children to check out the bird dictionary for birds pictures and sounds.

Everyone curious needs some area to make his interests toward. My curiosity revolves around birds. Did yours?


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