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Constipation In Cats – Is Your Pet Allergic To What You Are Feeding It?

Oct 13th 2015 at 3:48 AM

Veterinarians usually take the most digestive and constipation problems in cats to be resultant from the food they are consuming. In fact, the kind of food you are giving it can also result in various allergies beyond those that are caused by inhaling something or a flea infestation. In case you notice any discomfort in your beloved pet when he/she is defecating, take some time out to visit your vet for some expert advice. There might be something wrong with what you are feeding your cat that is causing his/her digestive system to go haywire. This article will elaborate on this aspect further.

Understanding the basics

The process of how the body becomes sensitized to a certain food or element in it then triggers an antibody response isn't well understood. But there is plenty of information about the symptoms, how to diagnose the problem and what to do about it. Constipation in cats is generally considered to be one of the most common symptoms that indicate that your pet is actually suffering from food allergies. At this point, you must understand that there is actually a difference between being allergic to a specific food item and being outright intolerant to that specific class of edible items. Allergies show a series of symptoms in common with other allergies including itching and skin problems. Intolerances result in vomiting and diarrhea and don't result in an allergic response.

The most common foods that have been known to cause constipation in cats include beef, lamb, seafood, corn, soy, dairy products and wheat gluten. On the flip part, these food items are some of the most common ingredients found in commercial cat feed that you buy off-the-counter. This indicates a good chance that the reason behind your pet’s digestive problems is actually the food that you are giving him.

Noticing symptoms

Constipation in cats happens to be one of the most common symptoms that indicate a deep set allergy towards a particular food item. Others may include itchy skin and dermatitis, hair loss and infections on the skin. You may think that that these symptoms are similar to the common skin issues that are faced by pets like flea infestations and infections. But the clear indication of a food allergy is the actual duration for which your pet has been experiencing these symptoms. If you have been noticing constipation and skin issues for more than a few months in your cat, chances are, there is a food allergy at play.

Food trials

The most effective way of relieving your cat of these problems is removing the allergen from their diet altogether. This can be done by conducting systemic food trials that will help you pin point the exact food item that is causing the allergic reaction and constipation in your cat. Make sure that you consult with your veterinarian on the matter for their expert insights.

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