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Cat lovers, Read This!

Oct 13th 2015 at 4:40 AM

So you’re a cat lover who just cannot stop loving cats for the beautiful, fluffy, cute, cuddly soft balls they are. You also cannot stop yourself from being in awe of their supercilious attitude and elegant demeanour. It is but obvious that you’re a die-hard cat lover. As amazing as they are, cats are delicate. Even though your smoke colored kitten has put on weight and looks like a pillow, it is highly probable that it is allergic to some kind of food (which you have not been feeding it anyway). All animals are living beings with practical bodies and must face health problems at some point in their lives. For cats, things can get interesting apart from the fur-balls. Pet allergy symptoms are easily recognized and addressed by vets and you should make it a point to always take your kitten to a vet regularly no matter how busy you may be. Your cats can develop sensitivity towards certain food items that may cause cat constipation. Your vet will most probably suggest a stool softener for cats which will help them to pass it with less painful experience. The easiest way to tell that your cat hasn’t been pooping too well is by gauging its litterbox on a daily basis. You’ll need to understand what quantity your cat excretes. The stool color also marks changes when constipation is involved.

If you don’t wish to administer medication to your pets then natural pet products are also available. Constipation in cats is a common problem. There is nothing for you to worry about. You only need your vet to write down a course of action for you so that your beloved cat can be treated of this condition.

Cats are also susceptible to certain allergies which can cause symptoms like itching and scratching. The fur of your cat may be in serious jeopardy if the allergy is not addressed early on. There is a marked difference between an allergy and intolerance. Allergy is triggered by something external that agitates the organs of the cat’s body, which consequently triggers reactions. Intolerance simply means that your cat cannot digest a certain kind of food or drink. Paying attention to your cat’s behaviour will help you observe whether or not your cat is living a healthy life. Scratching is one of the most common pet allergy symptoms and can be spotted easily. If your cat does not stop scratching, it is time to bring in a good cat shampoo and wash your pet. Fleas may be the reason for the itch. There may be other gazillion reasons, other than fleas, like some common everyday chemicals that are used as a part of daily life. Breathing these chemicals in may cause an allergy to trigger. Similar trends are seen in dogs too, although the triggers may be different, and food allergies rare. cats are particular about what they want to eat and do which can create problems during caretaking.

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Chandler James is celebrated veterinarian and avid writer, whose articles and blogs are a must-read for pet owners looking to understand the biology of their beloved dogs and cats better. He explains treatments and diseases that commonly affect dogs in an easy to understand way to help people in taking care of their pets better. He recommends as the go-to place for all kinds of cat and dog allergy treatments.

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