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Animal In-stinks

Oct 8th 2015 at 11:42 PM

When the family dog comes bounding in from outside, it’s usually a time for family to celebrate the joy of a pet. What follows is a rolling ball of playful barking, dog fur, children and laughter. When Fido comes in whimpering, pawing at his eyes and smelling like he is fresh from a jaunt at the local landfill, the mood is decidedly different. This is thepoint at which you take action to protect your pets from skunks around your home.


In addition to the breath-taking stench, skunks may be more apt to have rabies than domesticated animals. Humans don’t get sprayed often. The distinctive waving black and white tail is enough of a warning flag to make people keep their distance. Some inquisitive pets only need one pump of skunk flatulence to teach them a healthy respect of personal space. Other animals never seem to learn, even after being sprayed more times than shoppers passing a cosmetic counter.


What can you do to protect your naïve pets from themselves? Firstly, remember that food left outside is fair game for any animal, even if you have a specific recipient in mind. This goes for bird feeders as well as Fido’s doggy bowl. Once they know to look around your home for food, instead of falling asleep to a recording of ocean waves, you may have to start getting used to the percussive clatter of woodland creatures rattling around in your trashcans. Trash bins should be secured if at all possible. Animal-proof trashcans are available at your local hardware store.


Be sure to promptly dispose of piles of leaves, shrubbery, and brush.Heaps of waste and refuse can be home to a variety of unwanted wildlife which can be hazardous to you, your home, children and pets. Make sure that entries to crevices like crawl spaces and areas under porches and near sheds are secured or blocked so that skunks aren’t tempted to move in.


Pest control services that specialize in animal control are also a great resource. These professionals will be able to help to get rid of this threat terrorizing your pets. They can also help to close off any areas that skunks have set up near your home. For more information on skunk removal in Burlingame, click here.


Author Bio:-

David has over 10 years of experience dealing with Pest Control situations. You can find his thoughts at pest prevention blog.

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