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I am a Stay at home mom of two great kids, Tyler 14 and Ashlyn 13. I have a great business @
I am so blessed to be in such a fab business!
Julia | teambuilderamerica
I am so amazed at how this is going wild and blowing up the internet!

You’ve Got Money!

Nov 21st 2011 at 11:57 AM

Or maybe not.
I guess it depends if you’re a
member of Empower Network yet.
Let me show you:

That’s the amount of commissions
we’ve paid people in the last 20 days.
(yes, almost a million dollars :)
Have you had any of that deposit into
 your bank account?
If not, go and and change that, now:

It’s more than just commissions though,
it’s the sheer volume of residual income
that we’ve created for people in almost
every network marketing company…
…yes – we’re supporting everyone.
Let me actually show you how much
residual income we’re paying to people.
We have two memberships – a ‘basic’
$25 product, and also an ‘inner circle’
$100 per month membership.
(You get 100% residual commissions
on both products, as long as you buy
them – that’s $125 in residual income
per month, per person…)
100 people = $12,500 in residual income
per month…
…what are the ACTUAL numbers, though?
Well, we’ve been around for 3 weeks
today – and as of right now, we’re
paying out:
$191,951 per month from the basic membership
$324,500 per month from the ‘inner circle’
That’s a total of $516,451 per month in
residual income (yes – that’s monthly)
Last week – we hit a hall-mark when
we passed a half million dollars in
…today, we passed a half million PER
MONTH in commissions….
…and if you’re not in yet
You just lost a commission.
Because I just refreshed my administrative
backoffice, and we’ve now paid out
even more:

Yes, that’s another $800 since I started
writing this email.
I wish I could say that ‘you’ve got money’….
…but the truth is, if you’re not yet in the
Empower Network, you actually….
Just lost a commission.
Act quickly, so can get the next one:

(do it quickly…)…because you just lost another commission:

Now that last commission wasn’t too
bad, because you only missed out on
…can you imagine though if it were
$600 again?
Our goal is to pay you $1,000,000
by Monday…
…we’re almost there.
In just 3 weeks.
This week, we’ll hit 10,000 active
…probably by Thanksgiving day.
I want you to have the best year
ever – a lot of people ask me why
I decided to start the Empower
…the answer is simple.
I created the community that I’ve
always wanted to be a part of.
See, everything I’ve ever been
a part of, participated in, or done
has always been a ‘guru’s’ only
playground, and everyone else
has suffered from lack of cash
So even though I’ll make less
money by paying YOU 100%
commissions, I’m doing something
that will change your life – and
I’m ok with that.
Because you’ll finally be able to
break the barriers that have held
you back.
You’ll finally be able to live the
lifestyle of your dreams.
The gurus had their day – and I’ve
had mine.
It’s YOUR TURN now.
Don’t lose another commission…

…your family deserves this.
…you need to take action – look
at what just happened:

Yes, it happened again.
You just lost a commission.
I tried to warn you at the beginning
of this email.
Let me help you.
Click below and take action now:

The core difference between this
and anything else that you’ve
done……is that you can actually make
more money than the entire company……and still build whatever business
YOU WANTon the back end.Don’t lose another commission.Your family deserves this.
You Want This:

Oh wait – before if forget.
Tonight, we’re having a conference
call where thousands of people from
around the world will be on.
Last week there were over 2,000.
Here’s a screen showing the actual

Cool thing is, you can, too.
But because only 1,000 people can get
in, you’ll have to call in early.
And if you’re smart, you’ll join now, and
invite your friends to listen in and possibly
make your first 100% commission.
Lot’s of people do it every week.
Why not you this week?
The ball is in your court.
If you’re ready to make what you deserve,
click below, join right now for $25, and show
up early tonight.
Here’s the call in details:
TONIGHT, November 21, 2011 at 9pm EST
Conference dial-in number:  (712) 432-0900
Participant access code: 113543
Again, like always, I can’t guarantee you’ll
get in, simply because the lines always
fill up fast…
…..but I can guarantee you’ll make 100%
of the commissions from every sale when
you get this:

See ya tonight.
-David SharpeEN Co-Founder
P.S. Look at what other people
are saying – just click below and
scroll down and read the Facebook
comments. Don’t take my word
for it – see what others are saying.

Julia Ramirez




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