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Dec 17th 2015 at 10:28 PM

How often has it happened that you needed something shipped, and it arrived in numerous pieces, or damaged? It happens many a time that people move from one place to another, and the packers and mover don’t do their job properly. This causes the goods to get damaged and wasted. All this can be prevented through getting custom packaging boxes for the breakable things in your household so that they don’t break. You may have tried many alternatives to buying boxes, but they may not have worked. Stuffing newspapers to break the vibrations and impacts of transit is not enough.

Transportable goods these days have it easy with a wide range of packaging solutions available for their safety. Take the example of fragile goods, like your kitchenware. Packing your precious china with newspapers and leaving it to the mercy of rough handlers does not sound very nice, does it? There is a better solution to this problem. Bubble wrap bags are available these days in various sizes. All your china can be safely packed into this bubble wrap, safe from damages from impact. Bubble wrap is a packing wrap that contains bubbles with air filled in it. When something is packed into this bag, it becomes virtually unbreakable unless one goes out of his way to break things. These air bubbles create a cushioning effect for your goods and prevent breakage. In worst case impacts, the bubbles rupture, but still leave the foam intact which is good enough packing in itself. Bubble wrap is used extensively in packaging industry today to protect fragile items from damage during transit. If you have ever shopped online, you must have noticed this wrap quite often.

Another challenging shipment are your mattresses. They are something you sleep on, so it is extremely important that they remain clean. The packaging industry today offers mattress bags so that your bed remains just as clean as it used to be before you moved. The mattress packaging material is waterproof, which helps keep your mattress dry in transit. Mattresses are a costly affair, so it is best to take good care of them.

As if the mattress wasn’t enough, there are heavy appliances in your home to look after. No ordinary box can handle your refrigerator, your washing machine, etc. You need heavy duty boxes for them. These boxes are made of tough materials that do not give in when something heavy is to be handled. Cardboard boxes are not strong enough for these appliances. Sometimes you may find these heavy duty boxes made out of thin plywood. If your heavy appliances are not packed properly, there is a high chance of damage, and it may even become unaffordable to lose an appliance such as your refrigerator. For extra protection, you can order custom foam inserts to slide in between your appliance and the box. This arrangement provides impact safety to your appliance.

How satisfied you are with your packers and movers actually depends on how well you packed your goods. For more information on packing boxes for sale, visit


Jennifer Jones is an expert in product packaging solutions who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people in making the right choice when it comes to proper storage of different types of articles. She recommends as the best name to trust if you are looking to buy boxes in Dallas.


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