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You Pay Nothing – Just Signup & Turn on This Plan & Get a New Income Stream & There is No Cost

Jun 10th 2013 at 6:19 AM

We are Launching a new business and we added a limited number of positions in a new no cost plan. Take advantage of this opportunity to get good income stream in a great new plan.  It is simple and easy to do and you will be able to do it without upgrading or spending money and with very little effort.

Join the Leaders Group Another Option For You

We are forming a new Leaders Group to help us launch the new Business. We plan to add 100 Leaders to the Group. You can join the leaders group if you feel you can build a downline. You get a Plan 3 $850 upgrade at no cost. This gives you 2 options to choose and both are at no cost.

Get a $150 Sign Up Bonus

Get a $150 Signup Bonus if you setup your account in the first 3 days and that is so easy to do. If you miss the 3 days you still get $10 each referral up to 10 for $100.

New Way To Build a Pay Plan

The pay plan is a built on a unique and redesigned 2 X 2  Matrix system. We got rid of the broken and stalled matrixes and we cycle 100% of positions. We use a duplication algorithm with a growth curve that creates big spill and we have wild card positions to cycle any left behind.

No steps or connecting matrixes

Gone are the steps and connecting matrixes that take big numbers and left the nice payout leveraging offers. There are no delays or holds with any of your payouts.

Multiple positions, cycles, & payouts

Multiple positions in the first 3 plans to get everyone making money. There are 7 total plans and each has its own 2 X 2 Matrix and when you fill 6 slots you cycle and get paid. You get paid a match payout for all your referrals that cycle to and that can big money. We have leaders that are signing them up and they are going to make some serious money.

Your Contacts May Be Gold

Many members have contacts or know top networkers and leaders in network marketing and you can use your connection to make money. If you signed up in a program under a leader that would be a good connection for this plan. We give you everything you need to get started and we will show you how to do it.

Ads & Emails Ready To Go

We have formatted Leader ads and invitation emails to invite leaders to join the leaders group. You get paid twice once for your position when it cycles and once when your referral position cycles..

You Get Paid When You Cycle & You Get Paid a Matching Payout When Your Referrals Cycle. We upgrade you at No Cost in All Plans Your Referrals Are In. Just qualify with 2 paid referrals to start making money

Get The Jump  On Everyone & start Now

You can jump out and get credit for your list and if they signup in 30 days you are the sponsor. With some leaders this could be big money. Click the link send us an Email Information and we will send you back the ads and emails you need.

New Signup Here http://www.socipays.com/

The Referral System

When you load your contacts in the referral system they will only get a total of 5 emails over a 10 day period inviting them to join soci as your referral. If after the 5 emails they have not joined we delete the contact and we never send them any other offer or emails. This is important and how we build members confidence in the system and trust.

The First One To Contact Them Wins

Here is the deal if you are the first one to contact a leader you get credit. Make sure you added the name email and phone in the data base so we can match If you add the name email and phone it will match and the date you contacted is the first one then you are credited as the sponsor. The disputes will be less with good records. If you can show that you contacted the leader first then you are the sponsor.

The Big Leaders Every One Wants

Some leaders are big and many will want to bring in the same leader and with good records it will cut down conflicts. We surely don’t want the Members that lose out to feel like they were cheated and cut out of a big commission. We need the process to be fair and have clear rules and steps.

We Don’t Want Multiple Members Contacting Them

We do not want to have anyone bombed with soci emails. When you load your contacts and add leaders information in your back office the system checks if they are in system and have been contacted by someone else. It will show the ones that have been contacted. We do allow a different member to contact someone after 30 days if they have not signed up under the first member.The contact will be listed in your back office if you can contact them.

The same system works for 2nd attempts. You are listed by date and you are first it is your referral to contact. you will see when you add the referrals information then you get the 2nd chance. All potential leaders and referrals other members have contacted are listed in the data base.

Add Your Member Number

This is important; make sure you locate and add your soci member number to all the ads you send so we can link you to your referrals. Even if you send them your replicated site link still add your member number so we can make sure the right sponsor is listed..

Your Referral Site Link

Sending your site link is one part and the second is your number. This way we are 100 sure who the sponsor is and that eliminates errors and prevents new signups from doing sponsor picking. New signups can only signup under the member that contacted them first and the same is for all contacts and referrals you invite.

Members Upgraded at No Cost

If you are a at no cost member you still have a position in the matrix and your referrals fall under you but until you have 2 paid referrals your matrix position is inactive, It is a placeholder until you upgrade or have 2 paid referrals. We place your position so you don’t lose your downline and we upgrade you at no cost with 2 paid referrals but you have them to be paid. If you fill the matrix without the 2 paid referrals or without upgrading you lose the cycle commission. Even if you upgrade after you cycle the commission is lost. It would not be fair to pay members that are not upgraded in the system. If you have any questions on this let us know.

At no cost Upgrades Limited Time Only

The at no cost position upgrade will not continue as we grow. The at no cost upgrade option is only a promotion and not part of the soci plan.

5 Ways to Make Money With The Referral System

1. Refer Leaders and marketers from your contacts to soci (Leaders are anyone that refers 2 or more members that upgrade)

2. Place ads to invite leaders where they can see them make sure your member number is on the ad (You can advertise for leaders)

3. Send invitations to join soci under you to get the $150 signup bonus. This a good way. (if you invite a referral that upgrades you get upgraded AT NO COST)

4. Place ads for new members to sign up at the soci site as your referrals and they get the $150 signup bonus if they complete the account setup.

You can place ads in many places on the net

· Place ads as comments on you tube right under the leaders videos where they can see and read them

· Place an ad as a comment on a forum where networkers can see them

· Place ads as comments at the bottom of blog posts by networkers

· Send a message through facebook and Skype with the ad (very effective)

· Signup at forums for networkers and at new social media sites invite people you meet

This is a Big Opportunity

You can make money and a lot of it with minimal work. It takes no more than 30 minutes a day for 30 days of posting ads to get good results, signups and referral upgrades. They don’t have to be leaders. If they join and upgrade they count and you get paid if you are qualified with 2 upgraded referrals in the same plan as you.

Comes With Pro Virtual Agents

You can also send the names of leaders you want to invite and we can have the agents follow up and contact them for you and you get credited for the leader if they join. You need their email and phone so we can assign it to an agent for follow up.

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