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This site is dedicated to ALL who are devoted to the “affiliate” marketing process.

We are here to Teach, as well as Learn from others.

Mission: What does it take to be successful on the Internet.

We are all on life journey

As my favorite speaker/master of strategic change/negotiation expert/all around nice guy Anthony Robbins puts it:

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough!
You must take action.”

To get what you want,takes a lot of time,determination,education and discipline.
If you don’t work for it. You won’t get it. I’m dedicate in bringing about positive
results. I’m always looking for people with the same mind set.
I’m married with a beautiful wife and 5 great kids. Four girls and one
son. Saved by the bell…LOL

I’ve been doing business on the internet for sometime now and things are looking
good. By educating myself and applying the learned skills, I’m putting
together all the pieces.

I’m looking forward to JV partnering with other entrepreneurs.

Ron Outlaw
Ron Outlaw | nextstep2000

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression!

Nov 12th 2010 at 4:25 PM

Your website is the first thing your new potential customers will see when they meet you. Are you making a good first impression? Meeting someone online is little different than meeting them in person; unfortunately, you have less than a minute to catch their attention and keep them reading. Do they like the look of you? Are you saying what your customers are looking to hear? With the future of your online business riding on your words, are you making a good impression? Here are five ideas to have your customers staying longer and remember you long after the encounter ends:l. Dress nicely and be well groomed. Have you ever been to a website you were ready to leave as soon as you got there? Me too. Chances are things were too loud and too busy. Though there may have been something there of interest to you, you weren’t likely to have found it. So what is the well groomed website wearing this season? Not too many loud flashing headlines. Instead, make sure your site is calm and confident. Your headline and first paragraph should be a summarization of the website theme. Who you are, what you’re going to share with them and why you decided to do so. No one likes to read half a page only to find the site didn’t deal with their issue of interest. No flashing lights, no neon headlines, no blaring music or boisterous sales pitches blasting away.

2. Have a nice voice; be friendly and pleasant. Have you ever met someone you initially thought you’d like to get to know… and then they opened their mouth and you realized you knew all you needed to? Your website should speak to your readers like a good friend might. Be easy to understand. Write in short sentences, with short paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a theme, stated in the first sentence, and elaborated on through its conclusion. And though it’s so tempting to put some fancy font on your website, you have no idea what they’ll see. Stick to the basic Arial, Helvetica, & Sans-serif fonts. They’re easy on the eye.

3. Talk just to them; treat them like they’re the only one. Rather than talking to the masses as a whole, write to a particular person. Picture them in your mind and write as though you are having a private conversation with them. Be their friend – This is something for ‘you’, not just anyone. They’ll feel like you really like them and like they have your undivided attention. Always use active voice rather than passive.   It will make them feel as though you’re speaking directly to them.

4. Always focus on their needs rather than being pushy and trying to move too fast. Nobody likes to be around someone who pushes the relationship too quickly. You want to get to know someone before you get too emotionally involved. There was a reason this person chose to visit your website. Address that need. How can you solve their problem? Don’t tell them what you have; tell them what problem of theirs you can solve. Making a purchase is an emotional decision. If you move too quickly, they won’t be ready to commit emotionally. Get to know them first.

5. Give them a reason to stick around or come back. Give them something they can’t get anywhere else. While yes, they probably won’t feel as special at any other website, but on the off chance the competition is also following these five steps, give them a free mini-course. Let them see you care about their success and about them. Show them you value the relationship. Give them a free report; something to help them reach their goal.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll make a wonderful impression and your new friends won’t want to leave. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and stick around long enough to see what an absolute ‘peach’ you really are.

With that being said, here’s something you can use to
help bring the Traffic we all need to our websites:

To Your Success,

Ron Outlaw

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