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Fellow Networker,

As a self-employed small business owner, entrepreneur and now a full-time network marketer / M*L*M-er for you newbie’s; I must admit that the single most important element to my successes or even failures forward (if-you-will) are the acts of flat-out learning.

Sometimes the learning has taken place very rapidly and other periods over time, but the only reason I have and others have success is because they actually took the time to learn and then implement what was learned in a “Never Compromise Win-or-Lose Mindset” and moved forward with their results.

To YOUR Big MLM Success,

Trent Galloway
Gardnerville, Nevada USA
Trent Galloway | bigMLM
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You Either Got RESULTS or You Have A Story…

Jan 13th 2011 at 2:48 PM

As in life, the same holds true in Network Marketing / MLM. You see, when it comes down to it… you have only two(2) ways to reflect on a given space of time.

We all have the ability to take our chances to progress and prosper. For those of us that do put ourselves out there in hopes of making a positive stride forward in our lives, there is always an end result at some point when we will reflect on what we have done. This is what I want to touch on in a very profound way… so here it goes!

Network marketing is not easy by any means, but it can lead you to the life of your dreams. There is absolutely no debating this as many people have succeeded way beyond their expectations. Will MLM lead you to the life of your dreams? Maybe – maybe not?

Note: I’m not speaking for you, rather… calling it like I have seen it happen over and over for a few years within my sphere of MLM.

At some point you decided that you believe in MLM and you are going to give it a go in some shape or form for whatever your reason(s) may be. You then got plugged into your primary company, sponsor, upline, systems and tools, etc.

After this is where things became apparent to you and you either Got RESULTS or created A Story. What do I mean by this???

On the results side, you experienced positive things that enhanced your belief and made you certain you are doing the right thing(s) and therefore gave yourself the green light to expand your energy into more time spent to create the life of your dreams.

The story side is the “whoa-is-me” and come on over here and let me tell you exactly why I failed and who is to blame! This is called a “grievance story” and will haunt you until you either give up MLM or forgive yourself or whoever you are blaming (or both).

Now, think back throughout your MLM career and recognize when either of these two scenarios happened to you, your downline or upline. Do you have any “Ah-ha” moment(s) either way that come to mind? I bet you do! Can you remember of the outcomes of these events? I know you can!

Therefore, the “mindset required” to separate the Results from the Stories for success within Network Marketing / MLM is quite self explanatory, so be very conscious of this with in yourself and your team and you will grow faster and not accept negativity by listening to stories or creating stories!

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