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Timothy Eller | timothyeller
sun visor organizer
2 months ago

You Can't Afford Not To Start A Business

Oct 28th 2013 at 6:46 PM
I was just talking to my business partner
about people who insist on claiming that
their reason for not starting in a business
is because they "don't have the money".

Two things come to mind.

#1: What's confusing to me is that the reason
they say they CAN'T get started in a business
is the same reason they went looking for a
business in the first place:

"I don't have enough money".

You can use that as a reason for why you MUST
get started or...
You can use that as an excuse
for why you CAN'T get started.

But you can't do both...

5 to get started... that's all!

Now the second one confuses me to the point
it's annoying.

#2: When I was in that "can't afford it"
situation, someone did me a real favor.

They looked me in the eye and here's what
they said:"you can't afford not to start a business!

You're 40 years old!

You're a grown man, with 2 kids, a wife
who loves you, and you're constantly
asking for money because you're broke
without a penny to your name....What are 
you doing with your life!? You don't even 
have 0 in your bank account!"

"If you don't change the way you think about

money right now... then I can come find
you in 6 months and you'll be in worse shape
than you are now. Because prices aren't going
down... they're going up."

It made me drop my jaw.

It ticked me off.

It made me utterly mad.

And it also jolted me into action.

Because, here's the FACT:

If you're 40 years old and you don't have $500
in your bank account, your financial philosophy

And if you're 40 years old with less than
,000 in your bank account, your financial
philosophy sucks.

Does that make you a bad person? No.

Am I saying that you're stupid? Nope.

Didn't even imply it.

Am I saying that you haven't had circumstances
that set you back? Nope.

But, it doesn't change the fact that YOU are
responsible for your financial health. And if
you have less than k in your bank account...

you are ONE phone call away from being dead broke...
you are ONE transmission failure away from being dead broke...
you are ONE emergency room visit away from being dead broke...
you are ONE water heater or refrigerator away from being dead broke.

It's not a question of IF that's going to happen....
it's a question of WHEN.

And, if you're using "I can't afford it" as your
excuse for why you can't move forward in life....
you're not going to like what your life may look
like in the next 6, 12 and 24 months.

You're a giant drowning in 3 inches of water.
Stand up, pick yourself up by the boot straps,
get in, and commit to your future right now!

Click here to create your new tomorrow!

I'm glad you're making a smart decision.
I look forward to helping you.

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