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You and Thousands like You MUST actively Market to succeed.

Jul 2nd 2010 at 7:25 AM
What is It? Simply put, The Universal SuccessQUIK Team Build Feeder is a Way for ANYONE to turn a $10 Advertising Purchase (that they can use to build their business) into a Residual Income Stream of Hundreds or even Thousands of Dollars a Month – As much as $10,000/month or More! This is NOT a Passive Income Program. You and Thousands like You MUST actively Market to succeed. Bouncing BallBut, we have made it utterly simple and “follow the bouncing ball” easy to Market. Best of all, our calculations show, on average, it’ll take you 15 - 20 minutes a day (or less) of very simple work to generate the sales you need to eventually generate as much as $10,000/month. Don’t you think that’s a great investment of your time? Simple, Simple, Simple! What is Required? To Participate and Begin Building to $10,000/month (or more) Income You Must: 1. Purchase a $10* Advertising Package at SuccessQUIK (if you already have the Starter Package at SuccessQUIK you do NOT need to purchase another) 2. Follow Our Instructions to send 500 Hits (Visitors) a Week to a Designated Web Page using Traffic Exchanges and other low cost (Free?) advertising mechanisms 3. Upgrade to ResidualQUIK as soon as you earn $24.95 in SuccessQUIK (or sooner) NOTE: Your Purchase into ResidualQUIK is 100% Optional (but recommended). The SuccessQUIK Team Build Feeder is a “Universal Feeder” which means that you can use it to feed into any online market program. How Will It Work? It’s Pretty Simple. If you are familiar with other Team Build Feeders such as Oceanswell you will immediately understand. But, this is SO much Better than Oceanswell! All Participants in the Team Build Feeder are required to send 500 Hits (Visitors) each week to a designated, personalized SuccessQUIK Team Build Rotator Page. Specialized, Custom Programming will allocate 80% of those 500 Hits to 10 Target Team Members and 20% of those hits to the individual SuccessQUIK Team Build page for the member. These hits/visitors will continue until the Target Team Member has achieve BOTH of the following: 1. Generated a TOTAL of at least three direct SuccessQUIK $10 (Starter Package) Sales, AND; 2. Cycled Once (Earning $24.95) in the Starter Matrix. At this point, the Target Team Member is removed from the Team Build Feeder (actually moved to a different section) and all participants move up one position to get closer to becoming a Target Team Member. What this means is that over time members move up the list to eventually have hundreds or thousands of people sending traffic (Millions of Hits/Visitors?) to just 10 Target Team Members to help them Earn $24.95 to move to the next stage which is the optional purchase of the ResidualQUIK Package.
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Oct 10th 2010 at 4:08 PM by philjansen
Thanks for sharing Alexander, have a blessed day! -

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