Yes Multimedia exposes flawed mlm matrix programs while pioneering subliminal affirmations niche in network marketing in November 2010

Nov 30th 2010 at 4:54 AM

Yes Multimedia LLC has cracked the code in Network Marketing’s matrix compensation plans while entering a niche that has no mlm competition. In these economic times people need and want personal development more than ever before and are searching for a solid business opportunity to rebuild financially. Yes Multimedia provides a vehicle for this success.

A brand new Network Marketing company has entered the market with a self-help product that has never before been offered. YES Multimedia LLC, a US based company, opened its doors and started building a leadership core to introduce this amazing product and opportunity to the world on 11/18/2010. Founder and owner, Sheldon Schmetterer, has as a core principle the desire to empower success for network marketers worldwide and at the same time offers a revolutionary self-help product needed by all. Spawned from the imagination of Mr. Schmetterer, YES Multimedia has been in development for over a year and has attracted a core of industry professionals with years of network marketing experience.

YES Multimedia’s vision prior to launch was twofold:

1) Create a Revolutionary Compensation System that is TRULY close to being as perfect as possible.

2) Provide a product that is universally needed, valued highly, and that sells at a price which enables high commissions to be paid in the Compensation System. Therefore, they sought a product that had a low cost of production, could be used world-wide, and finally, it had to be a product that truly provided a useful service to end users all over the world.

Mr. Schmetterer has over 35 years of business experience, growing up in “the family business”, a billion dollar media giant involved in radio, television , 1000′s of outdoor billboards, 100′s of websites, major television and motion picture distribution. In 1989, Mr. Schmetterer was attracted to the network marketing industry where he went on to experience success as both a distributor and as a business owner.

At a time when mankind is experiencing the longest extended economic downturn in modern times, people now more than ever are searching for inspiration and opportunity to rebuild their emotional and financial lives. Through the ages, it has been a established that the first area of development necessary for success in life is developing the right mental mindset. Conventional learning methods, such as reading, used to build this mental mindset are impractically time consuming in today’s fast paced society.

YES Multimedia has solved this problem by introducing a library of subliminal affirmation CD’s designed specifically to develop the subconscious mind power for change. This library includes titles designed for bettering health, weight loss, conquering addictions and fears, improving business skills, excelling in sports, language learning and life skills, plus much more. Currently offering 500 titles expanding to over 1,000 within the next 12 months, YES Multimedia will offer these titles in the 10 top languages including Spanish, French, Russian and more.

At a time when the MLM industry is filled with network marketing companies that are big on hype but fail their reps with compensation plans that almost seem designed for distributor failure – yet simultaneously pad the owners’ bank accounts, YES Multimedia has come to market with a revolutionary compensation plan designed to perpetuate wealth to all who are willing to truly work the plan. The YES Matrix is NOT the matrix plan you have seen before. ‘This is NOT your ‘Grandfathers’ Matrix!! This matrix is on steroids, and that’s not only a promise but a guarantee!!’ states Founder Schmetterer.

Typical matrix plans are designed for maximum ‘breakage’, meaning that paid members in these matrices are expected to NOT meet their qualifications and therefore never earn any income from their efforts. Imagine a real estate broker telling an agent he will pay him only AFTER he has made 6 sales!! That is what many MLM matrix companies are telling their reps – it’s a recipe for failure.

The YES Matrix is designed to pay distributors for their first and every sale with a fast start bonus. Every time a distributor introduces a paid member to the YES Multimedia opportunity they receive this fast start bonus. YES also pays 50% of the cycle bonus to its reps before they even cycle. Distributor lifetime qualification for cycle bonuses is only 2 personal sales. The YES Multimedia matrix is designed to perpetuate earning by placement in a series of 4 upper-level matrices and reward distributors with expansion income centers that continually feed the YES Basic Matrix. These expansion centers can be used to trigger cycles over and over again. The company has also designed a back-end residual plan for building additional long term income potential.

To summarize, YES Multimedia has developed a winning combination of product and compensation to bring success to network marketers who are willing to work their business. With more and more professionals entering the home-based business industry it is refreshing to find a company that they can turn to to achieve success starting from day one and build a long term income that can be relied upon for years to come. The days of searching for the right opportunity and jumping to the latest and greatest new business are over for those who embrace the opportunity that YES Multimedia LLC has provided.

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Dec 1st 2010 at 9:15 AM by gerardoantonio
very good article..thanks..

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