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Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Intellect

Sep 23rd 2015 at 10:23 PM

The astrological gemstone of yellow sapphire, popularly known as Pukhraj, is related with the largest and heaviest planet Jupiter or Guru, the Teacher. Just like the teacher sharpens our intellect and imparts knowledge to us, the planet Jupiter governs the wisdom and knowledge of the native. Being the teacher or the educator gives this planet a position superior to the rest of the planets and also places ceylon yellow sapphire among the most valuable gemstones. It is associated with higher knowledge, clarity of thought and great intuition of mind. Therefore, the alluring yellow sapphire is the gemstone of wise judgment and mental strength. The reason behind this fact is the magical power of yellow sapphire for having a calming influence on the mind, which combats stress and tension to provide clarity of thought and reasoning. In this way, it helps restore the mental equilibrium and in the process, supports concentration and intellect.

Here are some ways in which this classic gemstone influences your intellect in a positive manner:

1. Enhances Creativity

Yellow sapphire is helpful in putting an end to mental tensions and opening the mind to knowledge and creativity. Clearer thoughts become a pathway to new and creative ideas, which can be put into action for extraordinary results. The wearer realizes what he is capable of and develops a new confidence in himself, which takes him a long way ahead.

2. Improves Focusing Ability

As a gemstone, natural yellow sapphire gives positive vibes, giving it the ability to bring clarity in thoughts and vision of the native. The native becomes able to focus on his goals and put his ideas into action for achieving success in life. Decision making capability is also enhanced by wearing this gemstone.

3. Generates Spiritual Understanding

Besides making a person wise in the materialistic sense, yellow sapphire generates spiritual understanding too. It gives the wearer a higher knowledge and inspires wisdom in the spiritual sense. Just as the Teacher does for his pupils, Jupiter brings the higher order wisdom for the wearer, as it is strengthened by wearing a yellow sapphire.

4. Supports Academic Intelligence

Yellow sapphire is particularly beneficial for students pursuing higher education as it has the power to sharpen the intelligence and learning abilities of an individual. Wearing a yellow sapphire can take the wearer to new heights of education as well as career.


Since yellow sapphire brings about knowledge, wisdom and ethics for the wearer, it becomes a useful gemstone for those involved in legal professions and also for government officers of high ranks. Similarly, people engaged in artistic and creative pursuits, such as writers, authors, painters and cinematographers can derive the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire. It is equally useful for spiritualistic persons as it takes the wearer to a higher level in spirituality. Yellow sapphire helps businesspeople and traders too as it not only brings financial gains but also sharpens the wits of the native by bringing clarity of thoughts.

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