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Yahoo Patent about website Traffic and Yahoo algorithm

Aug 21st 2010 at 2:47 AM

If you have time please read this Patent granted to yahoo:
Using network traffic logs for search enhancement
Invented by Arkady Borkovsky, Douglas M. Cook, Jean-Marc Langlois, Tomi Poutanen, and Hongyuan Zha
Assigned to Yahoo
US Patent 7,398,271
Granted July 8, 2008
Filed April 16, 2002

Better Web Crawling:
Usually a search engine crawling program discovers new pages to index by finding links to pages on the pages that they crawl. The crawling program may not easily find sites that don’t have many links pointing to them.
But, pages that show up in log files from ISPs or toolbars could be added to the queue of pages to be crawled by a search engine spider
Pages that don’t have many links to them, but show up frequently in log information may even be promoted for faster processing by a search crawler. So the number of visitors to your site does matter.
You need quality traffic from many different ip's if you want to be on the first pages of a search engine. The traffic should not be generated very quick because you risk to receive visits from the same peoples and this is not helping you. You can use wtools traffic for your website. You can use a proxy to check you google placement in different countries, and you'll see the difference after you have received the traffic.

Of course in search engine algorithm there are many factors like the number of links that point to your domain, tha rank of the reffed websites, how many outgoing links your site has, number of keywords, meta description, content and many more, but i think this info will help many people.

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Dec 12th 2010 at 3:19 PM by 4SFI
i like this

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