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Welcome to ImFaceplate,

My Name is Chris Holroyd from Manchester UK,

I am your Upline / Sponsor in ImFaceplate, I have been a Online Entpreneur for over 10 Years, i am also a Ex Member of the British Territorial Army, and Served in Iraq Twice.

I am here to help you succeed online so please let me know if you require any help.

Looking Forward to a Successful Future Together.
Chris Holroyd | futuresuccess

WTIA is 24 Years Old and still Paying Daily!

Oct 24th 2015 at 10:33 AM

You read that right. Wealth Team International turned 24 yrs old this year. When WTIA was launched back on 6/16/91. It was called Wealth Team Association. The internet still wasn't fully operating at that time so it was only in the USA. You were paid "DAILY" through the postal service. Than once the internet was here. In a very short time it pick up across the globe. It than became Wealth Team International . It is now in over 190 different countries and pays Daily.

The creator of WTIA Mr. Rick Mathews retired this past January (One Heck of a Guy) and gave owner ship over to Mr. John Kielic (two of the most honest people I've ever meet on the "net") the owner of F5M-MC and now Daily Net Pay. WTIA has been a part of F5M-MC since there first day of operation 10 yrs ago.

With that said we now have WTIA - F5M-MC - DNP all under one roof with one owner and all connected together. We now call this the Cyclone System / The Wealth System. The real amazing part is that the person that's going to make the most money hasn't even joined WTIA as of yet. That's how this amazing system is set up.

A few years back Rick offered a 100,000 reward for anyone with a system that had a better track record or compensation plan. This went by the waste side as no one dare try because they just simply couldn't. There was nor is such a system in place.

I welcome you to have a look at WTIA Here. I do suggest you read below before joining because I can give you a few options.

Here is what I call our Mother System. F5M-MC which again is 10 yrs old. Here you can join for as little as five dollars one time for life and work your way up through profits not out of your pocket. If you decided to join at the Silver Level Here, you will also be added in DNP and also put you in the Gold Booster. I call the GB a upside down matrix. It's hard to explain. Here the people you sponsor will become your sponsor. It's members helping members. Once you join you would also receive 30 days of free advertising for your F5M-MC business and your first few levels will be filled so you will have earnings from the start. If you were to join Here at the Gold Level you would now be added to DNP WTIA and of course F5M-MC.

I do suggest you do read below about DNP before you make your final decision.

DNP is our newest baby and I sure love it!!!. It took just about two years to have this fully programmed and ready to launch. The wait to be honest drove many of us nuts. We all new how powerful this was going to be as it's own program by itself and for the entire system. We now have Daily Net Pay. This is a advertising platform plus so much more. I will add there "WON'T BE ANY ADVERTISING DONE ON OUR OWN WEB PAGE" like 99% of the advertising you see offered today, our advertising will be all aboard and paid for.

Once you join F5M-MC and become a silver member and given a GB position. It's just part of the package. If you do belong to F5M-MC and your already a silver member or higher you would receive a new GB position as well. You would than earn your way up to WTIA out of profit not pocket. You will always have the option to upgrade of course if you wanted too.

You can view DNP Here and receive additional information. I do suggest you do click on "How It Works" and read it. I think you would want to be a part of the family. In any or all of what we offer.

I Thank You for taking the time to read this. I think the decision is pretty simple. I was blessed with haven being shown the Wealth System soon after I entered the internet world. I can say I am a very proud member for over the last 9 yrs. There is no place I would rather be. You of course have the option of going from this today and that tomorrow. I believe sooner or later you will get tired of seeing your money and downline disappear as the business you work so hard to build "JUST" isn't there in the morning when you wake up. Here I will never have that fear. There is no question and I believe the facts above are "PROOF" that we're here for the long haul. This is something you can build and leave to your kids and family.

To Your Future

Chris Holroyd

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