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WPC additive Comments

Apr 9th 2015 at 2:20 AM

Additives: As wood flour has strong water absorption, and very polar, while the majority of non-polar thermoplastic, hydrophobic, so the poor compatibility between the two, interfacial adhesion is small, often need to use a suitable additive to the surface of the modified polymer and wood flour, wood flour and the resin in order to improve the interface between the affinity and capacity. Moreover, the high amount of wood flour filled with molten thermoplastic plastics dispersion is poor, often in the form of some kind of aggregation state of existence, so that the melt flow is poor, extrusion processing difficulties, surface treatment agent to be added to improve the liquidity in order to facilitate extrusion. At the same time, the plastic substrate is also necessary to add various additives to improve their performance and processing properties of the finished product, to improve the adhesion and mechanical properties of the composite wood flour and polymer. Common additives include the following categories:composite decking suppliers glasgow

Produce strong coupling enables interfacial bonding between the plastic and wood flour surface; at the same time to reduce the water absorption of wood flour, wood flour and plastic to improve compatibility and dispersion, so that the mechanical properties of the composites increased significantly. Common coupling agents are: isocyanates, dicumyl peroxide, aluminum esters, phthalate esters, silane coupling agent, a maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene agent (MAN-g-PP), ethylene - acrylate (EAA). 1wt% ~ 8wt% wood flour addition amount is generally added in an amount of coupling agent, such as silane coupling agents can improve adhesion plastic and wood powder, wood powder to improve dispersibility, reduced water absorption, and with an alkaline treated wood meal can only improve the dispersibility of the wood powder, wood flour does not improve its water-absorbing plastic adhesion. It should be noted that the maleate salt of stearic acid coupling and repulsion lubricant will react when used together resulting in product quality and yield.building deck stairs with composite decking

Plasticizer for some high glass transition temperature and the melt flow viscosity of the resin, such as the hardness of PVC, with the wood flour composite processing difficulties, often need to add a plasticizer to improve its workability. Non plasticizers molecular structure containing both polar and nonpolar gene, under high temperature shear, which can enter the polymer chains by polarity genes attract each other to form a uniform and stable system, but it is longer polar molecules inserted weakened mutual attraction of the polymer molecule, so that the processing can be facilitated. In WPC often have to be added plasticizer dibutyl phthalate (DOS) and so on. As PVC Wood Flour Composite added plasticizer DOP can reduce the processing temperature, decomposition of wood flour and fuming reduction, improved by agents DOP content increases, the tensile strength of the composite decreased and elongation at break increased .modular roof deck tiles

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