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2 years ago

Wow ... WOM Works! | WOMworks.info

Jul 28th 2011 at 9:09 AM

Whatever you do online, wrap THIS around it!  You will be very glad you did!



Tim Drobnick needs help testing a new product.  Tim is the innovative founder of womVegas.com and has been busy of late with releasing WOM Sites and WOM Banners that have been phenomenal successes (I suspect many of you reading this may have already benefited from those programs!).

Well, Tim is at it again and I have just received an e-mail from him that is causing me to take immediate action.

I am working with him on a new advertising product that should be released within the next few days.

In the meantime I need some people that are willing to come in and help me test it out.

All you need to do is get registered ... which is FREE.

Just go to:


http://27EASY.com    PROMO CODE ==>  156


Once you are registered, just log into your http://WomVegas.com account, then click on Account at the top right, then click on My Wom Mobile.

You can get paid 10% commission to receive and read advertisements.

You have all seen this before:


1.  Advertising messages being sent via SMS text messaging to cell phones.

2.  Advertising to smart phones when you enter a retail store, sent by the retail store.

3.  Groupon style advertising via email.


What you are seeing for the FIRST TIME today is messages being PUSHED out to ALL mobile devices.

Not just text messaging, which only goes on cell phones.  Example, with iPad you can't take a text message, but you can get an email.

This is combining text messaging and email to push our messages and advertising for local businesses to all mobile devices.

Advertisers can send their messages by geographical area such as country, state, city, zip or postal code, or they can advertise by the interest of the members.

Advertisers are only charged when a message is received and clicked on and read.

The advertisements are very simple and can be read on all smartphones, most cell phones, and all mobile devices.

Advertisers pay 10 cents per delivered message that is delivered within the deadline that they pick.

Example, a local restaurant wants to let people in their city know about a lunch special. They send it out to people in their city and set it to expire within 3 hours.

Only those people that click and read the message from the city within 3 hours will cost the advertiser anything.

The commission and compensation plan for Wom Mobile is almost exactly the same as Wom Banners.

Buy $7 worth and get paid down 70 levels.

Sell $7 worth get paid down 7,000 levels.

Sell $21 worth get a BONUS temporary downline.


The difference here is that instead of QUARTERS bonuses going out to the temporary downline we will have DIMES.

10% more has been budgeted for the DIMES.  This will result in 4 TIMES as many BONUSES going out.  This will QUADRUPLE the excitement~


When you PERSONALLY sell Wom Mobile advertising you receive 10% if you are a womVegas Sales Agent.


You receive 20% if you are a sales agent (free to register) and have purchased $7 worth of Wom Mobile in the last 70 days.


You receive 30% if you are a sales agent and have purchased $7 worth of Wom Mobile in the last 70 days AND  are a City Promoter.

Why do City Promoters get more?  It is because they are out there talking to local businesses, and these are our PRIME prospects.

Also, if you check, in MOST cases if a business wants to do text advertising to cell phones, with other sources they have to pay $50 per month mininum to use the service, plus 5 to 10 cents per message sent, and they have to develop their own list to send to.


Here, with WOM Mobile, for 10 cents per messsage DELIVERED, the only miniumum is $1.  AND we provide the list of people.


If you want to get in while we are still building and testing, and get your profile listed so you can be paid to have advertisements sent to you, get started now.

Go to:  http://27EASY.com   PROMO CODE:  ==>   156

Register for FREE.


Just log into your http://WomVegas.com account, then click on Account at the top right, then click on My Wom Mobile.

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