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Mar 30th 2015 at 12:46 AM

Even after playing a One Piece game before, I have no idea who all these crazy characters are. So jumping into One Piece Online was a bit like jumping into the middle of any other animé with fifty main and secondary characters: confusing. But thankfully, the story is pretty well (and directly) told in the game, so I don’t feel like I need to know every backstory and character flaw of every mega-exaggerated protagonist and antagonist. This is good, because there are too damn many of them. They do look good, I’ll give them that, in their “weirdly-shaped head and body” sort of animé styling.


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The controls are very simple, which is both a good and bad thing. Simplistic combos make it so that the game is easy to pick up for newcomers but combat gets stale pretty quick. However, some characters like Sanji and Chopper have moves that can be chained into long combos (such as the ones I made up myself) but even then they could have fleshed it out much more than they did. It doesn’t make the game boring enough to drop entirely, but it does bring down the fun factor a bit. And you’ll be wandering around the game’s town HUB often to build new areas from the items you collected during your adventure. The game also allows you to fish and catch bugs that you can sell to make some money.

One Piece Online has a power up system where you can equip quotes to your crew and press “R” to activate the quote; your crew members will respond back and gain a boost in their special meter, attack, defense or another stat. There’s also a Coliseum Mode where you fight hordes of enemies to get to the top, which was honestly the worst part of the game for me. This mode will have you grinding you way to the top with three ranks to go through: Rank C being the lowest and Rank A being the highest.

Like the graphics, the game's audio is quite nice. The score matches the anime well enough in that it tries to evoke a sense of adventure and grandeur for all the locales you visit. It doesn't assign specific themes to specific areas, doesn't produce a desert-sounding theme. It means that the soundtrack is virtually interchangeable between levels and lacking some identity in that respect, but the music is good enough that it's more than what you'd expect from most anime-based titles. Elsewhere, the sound effects are fine, while the voice acting is done well thanks to the original cast reprising their roles for the game. As is the case with most anime-based titles, the voice-overs are all done in Japanese with English subtitles, so those looking for the Funimation cast to be present will be disappointed.

One Piece Online is good. Although the combat is quite messy when facing waves of normal enemies, the excitement of the boss fights more than makes up for it. There's some nice variety to the adventure in terms of things you can undertake, and the additional Battle Coliseum mode is a nice bonus for those who want to extend their time with the game without resorting to the available DLC. The great presentation goes a long way toward pleasing fans of the long-running series, but for those just getting into it, this game isn't a bad place to start.

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