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World Consumer Alliance Update

May 24th 2013 at 4:40 PM

Here is an update of the World Consumer Alliance (WCA) income program.  This program is co-owned by Blaine Williams and Paul Skulitz.   The website is and is registered in the Russian Federation, with the server located in Houston, TX.

The URL was created on Aug. 22th, 2012 under the name of Wealth Creation Alliance, but was rename  to World Consumer Alliance soon afterwards because of an older "scam" program that was also called Wealth Creation Alliance.

It was fully launch in Jan. 2013 and roughly a week after launching, World Consumer Alliance announced, somewhat ironically, that it was changing its name back again due to “scam reports” surfacing concerning another World Consumer Alliance  HYIP program.  This other HYIP program was launched by a guy named Chuck Hughes just prior to the launch of Blaine and Skulitz's World Consumer Alliance program, so again not happy with the reputation the new name had, they decided to change WCA’s name back to the original World Creation Alliance name.

How It Works -It was basically a new "copy-cat" program of the long standing BannersBroker program, as World Consumer Alliance was "self described " advertising income program based on banner impression purchases.  The difference is that, unlike BannersBroker, WCA is a MLM revenue-sharing program, with a commission paying matrix.

The original WCA compensation plan was for members to purchase $2 advertising units (100 banner and 100 text ad impressions) with a guaranteed $3.25 (162%) ROI) on each unit.  But WCA seem to have ditched this "passive" money making system and have opted for a new combination of Business Volume (BV) daily revenue-sharing, Activity Units (AU) qualifying, and Subscription Volume (SV) commissions;  under their new v2.0 compensation plan that was brought out sometime in the first quarter of 2013.

WCA now offers revenue-sharing, with shares being the same $2 advertising units (Ad Units), with the daily revenue allocated at 65% in new Ad Units and 35% in your eWallet account.  The amount of revenue-sharing is based on an affiliate’s Business Volume (BV) with revenue generated either by ad unit purchases, other affiliate purchases, or retail customer purchases.  WCA pays between 10% to 30% on sales to non-affiliates (retail customers), depending on what is purchased.

Now in order to qualify for monthly and daily earnings a affiliate must generate 10 “Activity Units” (AU) points each month by using the following methods and that a minimum of 4 of them "must" be generated from methods 4, 5 or 6 each month.  I am sure most affiliates are just placing 8 free ads in the business directory every month to generate these 4 AU's.

  1. View one 20 second ad = .1 points
  2. View and evaluate an ad = .25 points
  3. Send an ad to three people = .25 AU points
  4. Create a free ad in the business directory = .5 AU points
  5. Send a marketing DVD or affiliate link to a prospect & it is verified as watched= .5 AU points
  6. Make a retail sale = 1 AU point

Affiliates can purchase an “optional monthly subscription”, at $50, $100 or $200, which they can earn commissions from, if their referrals or customers also purchase these “optional” monthly subscription.  WCA also has a 2×8 matrix, with an affiliate being placed in the matrix with two positions directly under them (level 1).   In turn, these two matrix positions branch out into another two matrix positions (level 2) and so on and so forth down 8 levels of recruitment.   Upon filling their matrix, a WCA affiliate is able to generate additional matrix positions to generate more commissions.  A 10% matching bonus is available to Platinum Executives that is paid out as Subscription Commissions (SC) earned by their personally recruited affiliates.

For each referral paid subscriber in an affiliate's matrix (the sponsor also must also be a paid subscriber)  the company pays out a monthly commission as follows:

  • Junior Executive – $1.50 per subscribed referral
  • Senior Executive – $1.50 on a Junior Executive subscription and $3 on all other subscriptions
  • Presidential and Platinum Executives – $1.50 on a Junior Executive subscription, $3.00 on a Senior Executive and $7 on a Presidential or Platinum Executive

There are 6 different membership affiliate rankings, along with their qualification requirements, as follows:

  • Basic Affiliate – Sign up as an affiliate (only able to earn retail sells commissions)
  • Active Affiliate – Generate at least 20 Business Volume (BV) a month
  • Junior Executive – Generate at least 20 BV and 50 Subscription Volume (SV) a month
  • Senior Executive – Generate at least 20 BV and 100 SV a month
  • Presidential Executive – Generate at least 20 BV and 200 SV a month and have one retail customer
  • Platinum Executive – Generate at least 20 BV and 200 SV a month and have recruited at least 3 affiliates (any level) and have at least 10 retail customers

WCA also offers Builder's Garden and a Team Builder bonuses but I will not go into them.  Minimum withdraw amount is $10.  WCA uses SolidTrustPay or Payza for all deposits and withdraws. The following has also been brought online under the new v2.0 compensation plan;

(1. a business directory
(2. an online shopping mall (3.a “WCA university” offering training courses and education
(4. daily coupon deals Conclusion- World Consumer Alliance’s second compensation plan (v2.0) is without doubt better than the original $2 Ponzi scheme that WCA launched with.  But with that said, it’s not without its RED FLAGS.
First is the subscription commission part of the compensation plan.  Affiliates will be able to generate this SV by selling subscriptions to not only customers, but also to affiliates or just to themselves.  It is this last option that pretty much turns this SV's into a monthly auto ship option for affiliates.  When you consider that this is a subscription (for something) it should not be paying out a commission, if affiliates can purchase any number of them themselves.

The revenue-sharing pool is another RED FLAG as it’s based on BV that is also generated by an affiliate purchased products that are used for “promotions and demonstrations”.  This is just another way to say that affiliates can purchase $2 ad units or something, and just giving them away.  Making this the old “affiliate buys X, affiliate gives X away, affiliate generate points from X, and affiliate earns a daily revenue-share”, which is exactly what brought down ZeekRewards.

I agree that retail sales are possible from retail customers in both the subscription volume and business volume, however I believe getting retail customers to purchase products (ad units or whatever) is going to be very hard as it looks like most of WCA's  banner advertising impressions are mostly located on the WCA's site.  Example, their online business directory.  I find it hard to believe anyone, not already a WCA earning affiliate, is going to purchase banner advertising in this limited viewing audience.

But if you think I am wrong and you truly do believe that WCA is generating most of its revenues from retail customers, you should first ask your sponsor what their customer revenue compared to affiliate revenue ratio is and also what their up-line sponsor ratio is, before you consider putting any of your money into this program.  An affiliate to customer revenue imbalance would suggest that both the SV and BV commissions being earned by affiliates are mostly from affiliate purchases, making it a possibility that WCA could be a Ponzi and or pyramid scheme.

But if you do decide to put money into this program, here is what I would do to HELP protect yourself from losing your money (and I feel some affiliates COULD lose their money with this program).  First you should only start with money you are willing to lose, like maybe $50.  Then you should plan on withdrawing all of your earnings until you get your "seed" money.  Then only re-invest 75% of your earnings back into additional ad units and withdraw the other 25% when possible.  That way if it does "fail" you are not out anything, but your time.

Remember if it is a good, stable, legit advertising program like BannersBroker, then it should still be a good, stable, legit program years into the future.  If not, at least you have done what you could to get your original investment back.

Philip Reitcheck
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