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World Consumer Alliance Review

Oct 3rd 2012 at 6:06 PM
My review of the World Consumer Alliance (WCA) income program.  This program is co-owned by Blaine Williams and Paul Skulitz.   The website is and is registered in the Russian Federation, with the server located in Houston, TX.

The program started on Aug. 22th, 2012 under the name of Wealth Creation Alliance, but  was rename  to World Consumer Alliance soon afterwards after it was discovered that there was another program by the same name owned by Chuck Hughes  (which is a known scam program).  You would have thought that either Blaine Williams or Paul Skulitz would have "Googled" the Wealth Creation Alliance name first before trying to use it.


It is basically a new "copy-cat" program of the long standing BannersBroker program, as it is self described as a passive online income program based on advertising impression purchases.  The difference is that, unlike BannersBroker, WCA is a MLM program, is 100% passive, a classic HYIP, and does not require you to use these advertising impressions to get paid.

The owners have stated that the program is in pre-launch until Nov. 2012 and will be in full launch by Jan. 2013.

How It Works - You purchase $2 advertising units (100 banner and 100 text ad impressions).  Then you receive earnings everyday on each of your advertising units until you receive an "guaranteed" $3.25 per advertising unit (this figures out to a 162% return on your investment).  In addition, if you can refer you will receive revenue sharing commissions of 10% on your first level earnings and 5% on your second level earnings.  Minimum withdraw amount is $25. The owners have stated that their future plans for the WCA business are to included;
  • an online shopping mall
  • something about a “WCA university” offering training courses and education
  • daily coupon deals

Noth of these programs have yet to be created (maybe they plan on have these done by the full launch in Jan. 2013).

Pros- Very low cost to get started, no monthly membership cost, and very easy to do (in fact other than purchasing you ad units, you earn by doing nothing).

Cons-  The site states that they are not a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), but with a 162% return rate and being totally passive (you do not have to do anything), I can not see how it cannot be a HYIP.  The site states that Our profits are generated by selling advertising banner ads.  Remember, to share in a possible greater stream of income you need to re-purchase new banner advertising ad packages.  This basicly means that all the profits and member earnings are just coming from the money that is being invested or re-invested by its members (that means you).  This means that currently 100% of the money that WCA is paying out is nothing more than the newly invested affiliate money that is coming in, and this is the exact definition of what a passive Ponzi offering is.

Conclusion-   Here we have a business model that affiliates alone contribute into and thus receive a payout, over time, directly proportionate to how much money they themselves put in, and/or convinced other members to put in.  Plus whatever WCA’s future plans might be, as long as the core of the their compensation plan stays the same, dressing it up with a shopping mall, giving “sample” advertising away, and everything else, will not change the fact the it is still based on a Ponzi scheme type offering.

If you joined WCA today, all you would have to do is purchase the company $2 ad units, kick back, and wait for them to pay your 162% return on your ad units.  And just how long do you REALLY think that this is going to last?  3 months, maybe 6 months tops?

If I ever did decided to join this program, here is what I would do to HELP protect myself from losing my money (and believe me most of these affiliates WILL lose some of their money in the future).  First I would only start with maybe $50 tops.  I would plan on withdrawing all of my earnings until I got my $50 back first. Then I would only re-invest 75% of my earnings back into additional ad units and withdraw the other 25% whenever possible.

Philip Reitcheck
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