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I Have been involved with the work at home industry for over 10 years. I have worked and tried many work at home careers and know quit a lot about them. Actually I guess I reached the goal of what most work at home searches look for. I am currently a salaried employee for a corporation located in Florida but I telecommute from my home in California and have done this for the past 5 years. If you have a question about working at home please ask.

Even though I like my job I am always looking for new things. I am currently investigating online work at home offering and am very involved in SEO and how to get traffic to a site. I think of it as a game to take a website and bring to the 1st pages of searches. I do believe that if one puts effort into something that most anything can be achieved. so with this thought I have begun investigation different online programs and actually working them to see what the results are hopefully within the next few months I will be able to give a review of the programs on my website ( which is not up yet) the work at home sleuth.
Donna M | VBelladonnaV

Working from Home - Five Basic but Essential Skills to Learn

Jul 26th 2010 at 3:34 PM

If you desire to work from home whether it is telecommuting, internet marketing, freelancing, mystery shopping or obtaining referrals, No matter what the opportunity, there are some basic but essential skills worth acquiring, and or enhancing, in order to further your success in working from home.


This is the one most important skill you can possess and consistently improve. When working at home most, if not all of your communications with people will be either via e-mail, forum posting, article writing or sales copy. Written communication is used in every type of work you will do. Even the basic cover letter sent along with a resume can have an impact on how you and your abilities will be perceived. No, you don’t have to be a novelist or flaunt a degree but what you do need is the ability to effectively and quickly get your point across. If you are unsure or have doubts about your writing abilities take a refresher course there are plenty available online.


Obviously anyone reading this has the basics of how to open a browser and surf, but what I am taking about are other abilities that you may not use everyday or skills that are needed for the type of work at home industry you are pursuing. Some examples, do you know how to zip and unzip files, how to use your word programs, email clients and various browsers, or how to upload and download files? If it’s a particular industry you want to get into what types of programs are used in that field? Do you know how to effectively use those programs? If you are unsure ask questions, learn all you can, this will go a long way in helping you to alleviate future frustrations. In addition learning a small amount of HTML can be useful as well.


Even though this could be combined with computer skills it warrants a heading of its own. I strongly advise learning how to use Excel or a comparable spreadsheet program. No, you don’t have to be an expert but knowing as much as you possibility can will be extremely helpful in the future. At the barest minimum learn how to make a simple spreadsheet or book, and know how to sort that spreadsheet. Why? Because no matter what work at home industry, freelancing, affiliate marketing, sales, paid to programs all of them along with any additional online software, back offices and programs have one thing in common User Names and Passwords. By being able to create a simple spreadsheet you will be able to keep track of all of this information along with any links that are associated with them. Quick to open and easily sorted to find the program you want, a spreadsheet has a lot of advantages over the college ruled notebook. Using even just the simplest spreadsheet will save so much time and frustration. Plus if you learn more advanced techniques it’s a great help in keeping track of your spending and earnings. If you don’t know how to use Excel there are many online tutorials available as well as low cost classes.


Time management is an important key to any work at home industry. When working at home it’s so easy to get sidetracked and procrastinate. Unlike going to an office where there is someone supervising you, work at home projects are usually done by deadlines. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to put things off until you realize there is only one day left and you are frantically trying to complete a project that had a three week deadline in 24 hours. Not only is this stressful but you’re probably not submitting your best effort which can negatively effect your reviews. Worse yet if you work for yourself it can be costly. Learn how to plan your time wisely no matter if you have all day or only a few hours a day learning the best time management techniques and how to organize your projects is not only beneficial in the beginning of your search but also once you reach your goals.


Patience may be a virtue but it is an essential when working from home. From the start of your search it will be required because the perfect work at home job is not found overnight and there is always plenty of competition. It will be needed once the job is acquired in dealing with family that will think just because you work at home you are now more available for extra chores and errands. Most importantly patience will be needed in any business venture or self employment when it’s realized that there are no magic tips and tricks to overnight success but instead it takes lots of effort, hard work, and time.

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