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Jan 6th 2017 at 11:00 PM

There is a possibility that your website is getting a good response and a large number of traffic due to its web designing but many businesses might still not be growing into conversions. A business should not have their main focus on attracting people all over the world to just open it once but they should also make their website so reliable that users retain it to search your site and they also land up to the easiest solution to their problems. Having user-friendly content on your website can surely increase higher chances of the majority of pages or information being browsed. Having so much information on your website is helpful as you're educating all the user of your website at a much higher rate. When users browse more web pages there are chances that users get converted at a rapid rate. There's is a possibility that some of the minor features which usually get overlooked are the reason for the stoppage of traffic into conversions.

Here are a few tips which can help you to retain your users on your website and also get these users converted into actual clients.


The very first thing you need to keep is mind is to keep your content as much as simple as you can and you need to make sure that your website is not stuffed with a lot of information making it overwhelmed. Such easy and reliable content is provided by Top SEO company in Mumbai. If you make use of lots of texts, images, and graphics, as this thing distracts the users right away. Make sure that you help users to get their information and requirements in a maximum of three clicks.


Making use of call to action can benefit you a lot and is also a very strong point for all websites when it comes to website designing, but one should use it wisely. Make sure that you use it in places where there is great content for users. If you're planning a pop-up user then you need to make sure that the call to action pop up doesn't cover up the main section of the page. Your call to action shouldn't act as a disturbance to the users or interruption because of its appearance and reappearance.


Making use of headers or header lines can surely attract a lot of users and it also acts a summary for the users. Having clear header lines and also inserting multimedia options next to them can attract a lot of users. Your header lines should be clearly visible to the user to understand from anywhere he stands on your website and also making use of large fonts is advisable as no effort is required from the users to understand.


Contact forms are a great way to interact with genuine users who are really in need of your service. They are necessary as they can help you in contacting the users as well as you can immediately interact with them. Including a pop up about contact form on content pages with relevant data can help you generate conversions apart from the contact us page.


As you know a person doesn't like anything until and unless he doesn't test it. This same general rule follows up for all the users. Giving all of your users a free trial of your services is beneficial for both. Users can enjoy the benefits of your free trial and you can retain your users and also get them eventually converted.

Following this steps can surely help you in converting genuine users into clients and also to retain your web traffic. Using them can help you enhance a better website as well as better business life. Using SEO Expert Agency can also help you with your websites as they are the best agency for search engine optimization.

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