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Work as teams within Social Media for more success.

Aug 28th 2010 at 5:12 PM

Social Media and Business  -  Team Building Your way To Success.

Social Media is Truly a powerful Business tool and it is getting harder and harder for Online marketers to Ignore this phenomenon known as Social Media.  There are however some Marketers that are still struggling to Achieve success with social media marketing in their Business.  The reason for this however is shockingly Simple and I will reveal all to you in this post, but first I’d like to make an analogy.

You don’t have to look far to find the answer to Success.

When you see a Bee out and about collecting pollen doing his thing it might look like he is all alone out there in the Big World.  The Truth is that the Bee is part of a successful group of Bee’s that are all doing their little bit to Achieve MASSIVE Success for their Swarm.  Yes you guessed it Bee’s are successful at what they do because they Work as A Team and Every little Bee has their job to do.

The same thing goes for the Human Race, we are so Successful as a species because we communicate and have the Ability to work together on projects to achieve things one Human could never do.

Social Media for Business is quite new and you can almost refer to it as the ” Wild West ” or the ” Gold Rush ”, every man is out for himself trying to make his dreams come true and get his gold.  This has caused what I’d like to call ” One Man Army ” Syndrome.  Have you ever seen the movie Rambo or Terminator?  This is the picture I get in mind sometimes when I see how people market online, and truth be told also the way I used to market online using Social Media.

Are you a ” One Man Army ” marketer?

Marketing this way using Social Media is the Same as One Bee trying to do the job of his whole Swarm, frankly it is impossible.

I had my First success in my Business online with Social Media when I started my third team build for a new program that I joined.  The Results were Shocking, without a List to Email and without Bugging any Family or Friends I started to build a Team, within 8 days I already had 74 members in my Direct down line, after two weeks it was over Two Hundred!!  Another amazing thing happened, people started upgrading so my account shot into profit within two weeks.

How did I do this?

I connected with a Few mates that I had made on a Social Network called SWOM  ( Super Word Of Mouth ), I spoke to them about the Team build and got everybody motivated. I KEPT IN CONTACT with my Level 1 Down line.  Myself and my New Team Members then invited our contacts to come and check out our Group and we have been growing ever since.  In fact our team has grown so fast that I had to Put up a System so that Team Members could Easily Connect with each other and Also ask for help and receive free training.

T.E.A.M Success  -  Team Efforts Achieve More Success

1.  Keep in Touch With your Team Members.

2.  Motivate, Inspire and Coach your Team Members.

3.  Create a System that your Team Can Use to stay Connected.

4.  When new members know how to use the System they should then In turn train their new Team Members on how the team functions.  It is a Bit like passing down the USE FULL information from Generation to Generation.

5.  Brainstorm with your Team.

6.  Create Rewards for Team Members that are Being a part of the Group.

In Social Media for Business always think about the Bee’s, when the Bee goes out to get the pollen is like when you use social media to get connections, reach people and grow your business.  You MUST keep on doing this, but remember the Bee always goes back to the Swarm and Connects with all the Bee’s there.  In social media you must Always return to your Group, return to your Team, keep in touch with them, get assistance from them and share your knowledge with them.

People are More Likely to Join a Program when a Group of people are there to help them, motivate them, Encourage them and Most of All are already doing that Business Successfully.  This is the Evolution of Social Media, you have to move from being a ” One Man Army ” to being a Part of Something Greater than that.

Be sure to Post your Comments or Ask me any Questions below.

To Your Success!!



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Oct 5th 2011 at 11:48 PM by Hempwize
Deewest took the words right out of my mouth! Maybe it's the old "great minds think alike" thing eh?
Oct 11th 2010 at 1:10 PM by deewest
Hello Buzz Good Article about social media and your analogy of working as a Group. Which in turn came your user name? Buzz? Have a great week Dee
Oct 9th 2010 at 1:24 PM by flconversation
A great proof for this is a team we know both. As there are so many 'teams' available sometimes it is obviously difficult for an individual to choose. I love RTA and I would like to see only 10% of IMfp inside there :)
Sep 29th 2010 at 10:41 PM by GTBulmer
Hi, Nick: Teamwork can definitely be more productive than going it alone. Thanks for this post on working as teams with social media. :-)

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