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Word of warning about

Jan 5th 2011 at 4:17 PM

There is a new payment processor site around lately, called .

Until it is proven to be a scam, it is not my place to call it a scam. But I want to let members of my sites know that I have serious doubts about the legitimacy of that site.

They are very popular, so I see internet marketers promoting it a lot. Many of their members have earned a lot of money in their PayBox account already, and the site is not even doing payment transactions. It seems too good to be true ... and it probably is.

It has all the signs of a scam, so here some thoughts to consider:

- They are offering very easy money. You get $25 "for free" just to sign up.  You get $10 per person you get to sign up (who will of course also get a free $25 for joining). Where does all that money come from that they are giving away ? It is easy to promise a lot if you never plan on paying that money.

- Many people think "it works, because I have been paid already". They forget that you have not been paid until you have cash in hand, or at least in your bank account. Being paid in your paybox account means nothing, it is just a number on your screen and there is no guarantee you'll ever get it cashed out.

- Many people think "I join it, just to see where it leads. No harm if I don't put in any of my real money". This is incorrect reasoning. If they ever turn out to be a scam, do you like them to have your email address ? In my opinion, they will just sell their list of millions of emails addresses they are gathering now, so they can even make more money off of you. The time and effort, and maybe even costs, that you put into advertising it ... if it turns out to be a scam, that's another big waste. Not to mention the disappointment, if it turns out that all those dollars accumulating in your account, will never be yours.

- Their site offers "jobs" to people to help them manage the site. But what do you really know about them ? This could be just a trick to make you think they are a real business. Who knows if they are actually paying people like web developers and the likes. I remember a site called StudioTraffic where innocent members were helping out the site admin because they believed it was an honest site, until it turned out it was just a crook who abused the trust of many of his scam victims to help him keep the scam running just a little longer. Scams often pay out some money to victims, because they know it will generate them even more profits in the end.

- I hear some hard-core believers still think " yes, but what if it is real. Sometimes you need to have some faith." Well, time will tell. I heard the same thing when GreenZap was launching their new payment processor a few years ago, with very similar promises. And it is gone now too. Same thing with Agloco (you can still see my post about that at the bottom of this news feed).

I do NOT recommend to join or promote the site. I think it will turn out to be a scam.
But if you do promote it, please do some research about it before telling other people how great it is. Being skeptical is a good quality for internet marketers.

Oh, and for screenshots of an old scam, check out GreenZap in the WayBack machine:*/


Hope that helps ;-)


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Jan 19th 2011 at 11:01 PM by Thegreenest1
Thanks for sharing, very informative.

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