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I am a network marketer that is always looking for the perfect online income to advertise and promote. If it is good, and everyone can earn a good income from it, I will promote it.

Winners usually come from a good team

Nov 2nd 2012 at 12:42 PM

Winners usually come from a good team

I would like to think that one can be a winner on their own. It is not impossibe at all, but it will require one to do all the hard work to achieve the success one desires. To join a team of like minded individuals will help you achieve that same goal much faster and much easier. In many cases you will exceed that goal far beyond your wildest imaginations.

To give you an example of true team culture verses doing it alone, this may help you understand. As a bridge builder in the Army, our platoon of 30 men were required to do build a bridge as a training excercise. Our squad of 7 men set out to start the mission. We worked hard all day just to get the material to the shore line, never attempting to start building the bridge because we were exausted that fist day. On day 2, all 30 soldiers showed up and started in. With everyone doing their part and not even working hard, we completed the bridge in 3 hours. Ate lunch and then dissasembled the bridge and packed it all away before the day was done.

What we did as a team of 30 in a day, would have taken the crew of 7 a week or more.
True team culture is amazing. The power of doing a particular task is transformed from being almost impossible to completely easy. No one person carries the burden of doing more than they can handle, so everybody's burden is light.

This is what we do as a team with Financial Independence 2012. Instead of building a bridge we build income for all our members. 100% earn and we all win. This is team success. I would like you to see what is required of our team members to enjoy the fruits of success. It is not much. In fact, you will consider the effort quite simple.

All we ever ask anyone in our team is to come to one of the webinar we have going on 3 times a day 7 days a week. In that webinar, we transform individuals into team players. The power of team work is converted into income for you. This is done quickly, and the income is rather large. We are not interested in making hundred of dollars, but thousands to each team member.

To be a member of Financial independence 2012 will always be free. To earn income with us we do require you commit to what you can afford, but never more than $100. The basics of what we have to offer you will become more clear at the webinar.

Webinar link and times:

Join by phone: 1-424-203-8000 pin 553313#
Dates and times:

3:15 pm EST- Daily
7:15 pm EST- Daily
10:15 pm EST- Daily

Hope to see you there. Team succes is what we offer and you have just been invited to our winning team!

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