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I had the crazy idea and the guts to lead a teambuild. Was the best idea ever. We have the Best team.Then i had the crazy idea of a program for my team. Now we have The Best Team & Program ever!

Winner- Born or Made?

Jan 11th 2011 at 12:28 AM

Some of us are born as natural winners, some of us must learn how to.

Both type must set up their goals, following their dreams. But, if you can reach your goals and your dreams and in the same time helping other people to fulfill their dreams, then you are THE REAL WINNER!

The moment when you give up your dreams, the moment when you don`t think you can reach your goals and above all the moment when you don`t have any more goals and any ideals, that it is the moment when you are dead inside.

Who doesn`t want to live and reach the ideal life, the life free of the financial problems waiting around the corner? The Internet is opening the doors and gives a new image about money earning. And it is quite fun. At least i think so.

Don`t take it like it is the end of the world if you fail at the begining. Don`t struggle as it is the last thing you have to do in this life. Don`t give up but take it with a wise aproach.

I like to take it seriously but as a fun activity, i enjoy every moment online, learning and earning. And i still do this after more than 18 month  online.

When i found my first team, i understood the difference between being alone in the marketing jungle and having a whole team helping you.

Then my experience with the next teambuild  was a good one because i met more people, made strong relationships, have a good time as a member of this team, developed myself as spanish support and learned something very, very important: the leader is always the key of a team.

For me those teambuilds  don`t exists anymore the same as for the other members, but the experience i lived had a tremendous importance for me as a team leader. I learned a lot about team build concept and leadership from the good parts but what really was my learning boot camp was the struggle, the hickups and negative part.

I have a degree in international trade and a degree in human resources but none counted so much as my team build experience when it comes about practice and learning about the human nature.

They say that If you dream it you can have it. It is true, but i agree also that the best achievements were made by people who never gave up in helping other people reaching their dreams. The success is achieved many times by people who never give up when everything looks like going wrong. That is only a challenge, if you take  it you win!

Now, we have our Own team build, we have our own program,, set the way we think a program should be set for the members.

We are building bridges of friendship based on our goals and we are commited to achieve them. Being a company owner is not so easy but being a team leader gives me the real meaning and essence of achieveing something really valuable in life. The chance and the blessing  to communicate with all my downline, with all my team (read "friends" and  will give you the idea of what we really build here)  gives me all the chance to help other people to achieve their dreams, to become winners. That is making me a WINNER !




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Mar 2nd 2011 at 1:27 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Isabela: Thank you for sharing your perspective about winners. I agree that it is all about setting goals and following your dreams. Teamwork is so beneficial, and it's great when you find leaders willing to walk with you on your journey. GT :-)

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