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Why You Need To Properly Channelize Household Waste

Nov 3rd 2015 at 1:44 AM

The concept of waste hauling is actually the baby of pollution reduction measures being taken recently. No matter where you turn your head, all you see is a polluted environment. Pollution has more implications than just disturbing the quality of the environment. It messes with the natural cycle, causing events as serious as climate change in the most susceptible countries. It will be easier for you to relate to climate change by thinking of the untimely rains, receding/increasing winter times and more serious temperatures during the summer months.

In addition to air, water and land pollution, there is one more kind of pollution that degrades all the three media – pollution through waste. Increasing human population around the globe in conjunction with increase in industrialism and GDP has led to tremendous increase in waste quantities. The more products people use, the more waste they produce. Land is limited, thus waste just gets dumped here and there. This causes land depletion, and as the waste decomposes, it causes air pollution too. Seeping liquids pollute underground water. This is how harmful untreated waste can be. Luckily, scientists have found a way to treat this waste into being “un-harmful”. This way is waste recycling. You must have noticed that a major portion of waste these days is in the form of metals, plastics and glass. These products can be easily recycled. The process of recycling reduces the quantity of these products in circulation around the globe (or at least keeps it constant) which ultimately leads to waste control, if not reduction. The amount of waste doing rounds on the globe is enough to make it a lucrative option to invest in. As such, many recycling services have been born to take care of the toxic and non-toxic waste in such a manner so as to reduce pollution. Recycling companies send waste haulers door-to-door to collect waste and bring it back to their facility. The waste is separated into segments that can be recycled and that can be treated.

Recyclable waste is treated separately while combustible waste is used to generate energy. The calorific value of organic combustible waste is especially high. This can be utilized to generate energy through employing boilers and steam turbines. Waste is actually a very investor-friendly sector when it comes to power generation, provided that efficient practices are followed right from the first step. At a household level, this first step can be taken by the residents by segregating the waste into categories. Recyclables, kitchen waste and e-waste can be collected, already separated. This practice is already being followed in cities like Berlin, where the waste recycling has reached percentages as high as 65%. The glass that is circulated in the city is almost entirely recycled, standing at 98%.

Waste efficiency ensures that all other modes of pollution stay under control at one level. It is necessary for the populace to understand that they need to contribute towards pollution control.

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Christian Dunst is an expert in industrial recycling of materials and writes many informative article and blogs, helping companies in optimising their waste management processes. He recommends as the most trusted name when it comes to professional recycling services.

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