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GT Bulmer | GTBulmer
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Why You Need to Own Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Apr 22nd 2012 at 10:06 PM

GT Bulmer | Affiliate Marketing Website GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

You can get free affiliate websites and free blog pages all over the Internet but if you hope to become a successful Internet Marketer, here are a few reasons why you need to own your own Affiliate Marketing Website.

1) Building Your Online Presence and Branding Yourself

You cannot properly brand yourself as a professional when you use free websites and web pages. You might be able to personalize those pages, but they still fall under someone else’s domain or web address.

When you own your own domain and choose your own website name, you create a unique identity on the Internet. It demonstrates your seriousness as an Internet Marketer and your commitment to your business and your targeted customers.

2) Control of the Content on Your Website

In most cases, when you use a free website or blog page you are subject to the rules and whims of the provider. You may be limited in what you are allowed to write about. You may be limited in the kinds of marketing programs and products you can promote. And you may be limited in the kinds of ads and advertising features you post on the site.

On the other hand, when you own your own Affiliate Marketing website, you have full control over everything you choose to print, post or promote on the site (subject to the terms of your hosting company, of course).

3) Build Your Mailing List

Most online marketers understand the importance and value of building an email list of targeted prospects. It is easier to sell your products and services to a list of willing subscribers than it is to people who have not expressed any interest in seeing what you have to say or sell.

When you own your own website, you can funnel all of your marketing activity through the site in one way or another. That means setting up your own opt-in forms, squeeze pages, landing pages and so on. If you are using a free website, you may not be able to add opt-in forms to the site and your visitors’ information may instead be captured by the site provider.

4) Search Engine Traffic

When you own your own site you can optimize it properly for the search engines. You can also use offsite optimization methods to build backlinks and this will further improve your search engine rank and traffic results.

In contrast, it is very difficult to drive search engine traffic to a free affiliate website that is simply coded for your affiliate link.

Considering these examples, it just makes so much more sense to own your Affiliate Marketing website. The small cost of registering your domain and hosting your site is well worth the benefit of having full marketing control over your developing business. If you set your site up effectively, you will have those costs covered in no time. Read my blog post, My Affiliate Power Site v.2.0 Just Launched!, for more insight into exactly how to do this.

GT Bulmer
Home Business Opportunities

Author Bio

GT Bulmer is a home-based freelance writer and the owner of Affiliate Power Central, a website featuring home business opportunities, personal development programs and resources for online marketers.

~ ~ ~


Affiliate Marketing Website


Please to comment
Oct 30th 2012 at 11:20 AM by GTBulmer
Thanks for the comment! Very much appreciated. (Sorry it took so long to respond! Hard to keep track of the articles after a while.) GT :-)
Jun 4th 2012 at 8:48 PM by Tterrific
Excellent article GT! You've provided a wealth of information that everyone should use. I have my own site because of the fact that I am an Affiliate Marketer! I'm not quite finish with it yet and I do appreciate the tips! Great job.

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