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Why the term Sales Whisperer?

Oct 3rd 2010 at 11:32 AM

               Door-to-Door Sales Whisperer Says:

                “Why the term Sales Whisperer?”

                               A Little Wisdom from 25 years in the Field

 By Bill Hamnet Wall                   


     You’ve heard of the Horse Whisperer, the Dog Whisperer, Cat Whisperer. Now there’s a Paper Clip Whisperer, and the Shoelace Whisperer. So why not a Door-to-Door Sales Whisperer? A brief history: the original Horse Whisperer was an Irishman Daniel Sullivan in early nineteenth century England who rehabilitated vicious and abused horses. He kept his amazing methods secret, but those who observed him noticed that he gentled a traumatized horse by standing face to face with it. Understanding its psychology, instead of forcing the human will onto it, yields better results. Now the term “Horse Whisperer” refers to any successful practitioner of this equine philosophy, including Monty Roberts featured in the famous documentary bearing this moniker, who also wrote an autobiography called The Man Who Listens to Horses. This modern “Horse Whisperer” replaced his father’s old method of “breaking a horse” with a far less stressful, more efficient system of leading the horse into voluntary submission.

    Others have recognized that despite its enormous size and incredible strength, a horse has the mentality of prey, not a predator. As such, its first instinct is to flee danger and defend itself when confronted by a stranger. How does this relate to selling? When someone knocks on your door, you naturally apprehend potential danger. Your safety becomes the initial concern, then not wasting your time becomes imperative.

     Our primal instinct when faced with uncertainty is caution. Therefore, your first goal is to relax the prospect. Initially, they will watch what you do, not hear what you say… watch what you do, not hear what you say, That is why non-threatening body language is more critical than words in this initial stage of direct sales. Remember to quickly shift their attention from you, a potential threat, to your brochure, an inanimate object, by putting it in their hands. Note: as you hand it to them, smile and stare at it as you purposefully flip it from front to back, from back to front. Treat it like a magician does a handkerchief that brings all attention to it. More on this later. I learned this technique from a Jehovah Witness almost 20 years ago. She knocked on my apartment door; because it was a secured building, I was confused and irritated with the two people at my dwelling. I begrudgingly opened my door a little further. She smiled and immediately said, “The earth will be like this.” and showed me a colorful idyllic picture of happy people and a sunlit meandering stream by which contented bleating lambs cavorted with a peaceful lion. I still remember that pleasant shade of blue that colored the sky. In that moment, all of my apprehension vanished as I contemplated the possibility of utopia. This shift in my thinking occurred because she diverted my attention from a person to an object. Very important.

     Be a Sales Whisperer: do most of your selling by controlling the focus of the prospect. Negotiation begins when desire enters the prospect’s mind, not when you desire to close a deal. A sale occurs when you focus on their internal process, not when they focus on you.






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Nov 13th 2011 at 7:14 PM by LonnieG
Great insights, Bill. ~LonnieG
Oct 3rd 2010 at 12:54 PM by thompsonwd40
Very good article. Your style is clear and engaging. You have a great perspective on direct sales that I feel can equally be applied to the internet marketing world.

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