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Why Talking About Insurance Is Essential Before Hiring a Mover

Oct 17th 2015 at 12:00 AM

When you are using professional movers, it is important that you consider every possible thing that can happen. You must be prepared with insurance, so it is important to talk to your moving company about the different details involved with insuring your personal property during the move.


Moving companies don’t really provide insurance in the typical way you are used to. Instead, they offer valuation. This is like insurance in that you pay a fee for the protection and if something happens the valuation will pay to replace it. However, like insurance, you have to choose your protection limits, and it is those limits that are different from typical insurance.


Typically, you will be given two options. You can get full protection or a limited protection that will only cover a certain percentage of damage. The amount you will receive for damage or loss is not based on the item or items that were damaged or lost. Items are replaced based on weight.


Now valuation isn’t your only insurance concern, though. As mentioned, valuation typically only reimburses for items based on weight so you may not actually get enough money back to replace an item that is broken or lost. Your renters or homeowners insurance will often offer coverage while in transit that is the same as what it offered in your home. You will want to check with your insurance company to see exactly what damage or loss would be covered under your policy.


Additionally, if the mover will be towing a vehicle of yours, it is essential to check what your auto insurance will cover. If certain things won’t be covered by your insurance, you will then need to make sure the moving company has insurance that will make up the gap.


Your moving company should also have insurance of its own that will offer protection should the company be at fault for any damage either to your personal items or property. However, be aware that it can take a long time to settle claims with a moving company’s insurance company, so it is best if you make sure your insurance policies cover as much as possible.


While nobody wants to think about something going wrong during a move, things happen. Items may get broken or damaged or even lost. That is why it is important that you discuss insurance with your moving company before you ever sign any agreement. Make sure you have everything covered through your insurance or the company’s insurance in order to ensure if anything bad does happen that you have insurance to cover it. Visit this website to learn more about a moving company in El Cajon.


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With a talent for organizing, and a traveler's soul, Joe is a moving virtuoso. He is taking his knowledge of relocation and sharing it with professionals, business owners, families and vagabonds everywhere. See some of his thoughts here at relocation and reassembling blog.

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