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Why Show Gratitude To Others

Aug 28th 2013 at 4:36 PM


Are You Grateful


Do You Show Gratitude To Others?

What does it really mean to be grateful?

Do you show gratitude every day?

Are you even aware that you should appreciate each day and show kindness to others?

Being grateful will change the way you view life.

It will change your attitude toward people around you, and the  people that you cross paths with daily.

Sadly most people go through life being very self centered not being grateful and not showing gratitude daily not even being conscious of the fact that they should show gratitude to others.

Gratitude is an attitude that should be a part of your mindset, the way you think.

A humble person shows gratitude to others, because they realize the kindness that is extended to them in many ways.

Weather you receive kindness from someone providing a service to you or directly showing kindness for any other reason that is a cause to show gratitude.

The more you show gratitude the more you will receive.

The more you share what you have with others more will be returned to you in abundance.

The more kindness you show to others the more kindness will be returned to you.

So it is beneficial to be grateful and extend kindness and gratitude to others daily.

You will have an abundance of that which you are grateful for in your life and you will receive a plentiful of that which you give and share with others.

Therefore if you appreciate what you have in your life and you are sharing with others you should not have lack.

But, if you have serious lack in areas in your life weather it be money, love, etc you should take note of those areas and see if you are generous and grateful.

When you travel do you lack appreciation for services that is being rendered to you were you lodge for comfort during your hotel stay.

Do you really show appreciation for room service, to the individual that tends to your room and tidy up after you, or do you show ungratefulness by being unnecessary sloppy, maybe even making your room filthy with food, trash, leaving a mess on the floors with clothing etc. Not appreciating the finer things in life that are suppose be enjoyable and pleasant.

Do you soil the bed with food being so self consumed and inconsiderate of the fact that someone else will use that room after you check out.

The service industry weather be restaurant , hotel, taxi all are opportunities to show gratitude and appreciation to others.

Saying thank you verbally or monetarily goes a long way to those on the receiving end.

Never should you show a rude ungrateful attitude to those that work to provide a service to you.

Every person is of important and should be shown gratitude with thanks especially those that work hard in the service industry, room service, housekeepers, bellman, food servers, taxi drivers.

I’m giving particular attention to the hospitality industry because it is a fact that this industry is the most under rated and non-appreciated by people who travel and vacation stay at resorts and hotel.

It is alarming  the rate of individuals that travel for business or vacation who display a rude ungrateful attitude towards the hotel  staff that service their rooms by not tipping or saying a courteous thank you to them for their hard work to make their stay comfortable and relaxed by tidying up after them, or serving them food.

How sad so many people do not share or even say thank you.

It is just courteous and polite to show kind gratitude to others who work in occupations of service and to acknowledge those intelligent individuals who have chosen to work in that occupation for different reason. Students, mothers, seniors etc. all are worthy to be given much gratitude and respect for what they do to provide service to you.

So the next time you lodge at a hotel for your stay, be kind and acknowledge the hard work that others do to provide service to you.

Say Thank You


And don’t forget to tip.

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