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Why People Starts Running At First Sign Of Trouble ?

Aug 19th 2010 at 8:15 PM

I've only been a member of Rip Tide Army for about a month and some of the behaviour of some newbies that I have seen doesn't really surprise me that much.

For example, John Maheu, RTA's leader sent out an update to all the members telling them that because some members have dropped out and that the group's effort have stalled and he's doing everything in his power to fix things but it's not enough therefore he declared that Rip Tide Army as team have failed.

That news sent shock to all the members !  Guess how many members quit the next day?

A whopping 20 members out of 1800+ members.

The only reason he said that was because he wanted to see how many weak links are in the team.  Of course I added my 2 cents worth about his scare tactics even though everything was just fine, of course I felt silly after posting my reply.

Folks, I don't care what team you belong to and how great your leaders are but the fact is, there will always problems and all sorts of obstacles you have to overcome and as team member, you will never succeed unless you face those obstacles full throttle.  There is absolutely nothing to be scared over nothing.  If you have a positive attitude, nothing can stop you.  

People who are successful don't quit at first sign of trouble and they really really believe in themselves and the program they are promoting.

If you keep jumping from one program to next you will never learn what it takes to succeed in networking marketing or downline building or list building or whatever.

When you do face any issues, you will have the knowledge of how to fix that particular problem.  Heck, just applying for an Alert Pay can be an obstacle for some people and if you just quit then how can you move forward or grow and succeed.

It's time to change your attitude ! feed your mind with inspirational stories, positive thoughts and believe in your heart that you can achieve just about anything as long as you put your mind into it.



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