Why Outsource Voice Over?

Oct 23rd 2015 at 12:44 AM

Voice Over Recording Studios have become more visible and popular these days; thanks to the upsurge of commercial videos being regularly added in the internet every day.

Sound is a serious and complex phenomenon for recording studio professionals. When it comes to musicians, especially the classical ones, every note has distinct characteristic which only a trained ear can register. The typical characteristics of sound quality are defined by pitch, frequency, loudness etc and the sound engineers understand the finer nuances of sound quality and its resultant effect.

Voice Over Recording Studios have become more visible and popular these days; thanks to the upsurge of commercial videos being regularly added in the internet every day.

There are many similarities between usual music recording studios (generally termed as recording studios) and voice over recording studios. Both require a perfect sound acoustic environment, modern high end microphones, mixing consoles, sound engineer services to supervise recording to name a few common ones. The recording studios are comparatively larger in size with both live room stage as well as vocal booths. Variety of common Musical instruments like guitars, drum sets usually are part of the music recording studio inventory.

The voice over sydney studios require much better acoustics since slightest sound interference of air conditioning or lip click will be extraneous to the ambiance and resultant effect. In music recording studios, these sounds do not get noticed in the music. The role of sound engineer is very crucial in every voice over recording .In the music recording the sound engineers edit it to the music beat but in voice recording it has to be on conversational pause; which is highly specialized skill. In order to get the right lip sync and tone, experience of voice over sound engineer is valuable.

The audio recording can be of different variety and specific applications. For example, audio books are getting increasingly popular. People prefer going through the audio books while travelling or commuting on their earphones. The voice over recording for audio book shall require different audio balancing technique than the one made for television broadcast. Since telephones have low bass fidelity, the voice over recording purported for telephone messaging use little bass while equalizing sound to obtain the best results.

The voice over sydney studios usually has a list of professional voice over artists, both male and female, available which can be suitably used as per requirements of the project. The voice quality required for an educational recording will indeed require a distinct tone for different target audience groups. The educational voice over recording requirement for young school children and high school or professional course students will be different. The voice over sydney studios can provide and suggest in selecting the right voice for getting best results.

The right diction, accent and tone of the professional voice over artist lends a credible engaging quality to any commercial recording – be it for promo or branding value for your business. Similarly the voice over recording for audio books or long narration may require separate characteristics in voice quality. It is thus best to contact and outsource your next voice over recording project to a specialist studio.

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