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1 year ago

Why Old School Still Matters In 2013

May 6th 2013 at 6:35 PM

The Old School way of doing things Still Matters in 2013 and I'll tell you why.  There is nothing 'new' under the sun. The new school techniques are all based upon the Old School ones that came first. The old school is the fundamental building block that Makes everything else go.

Do not allow anyone to suggest to you that the Old ways of doing things no longer work.

Let's take talking to friends and family about a business. MOST people will say this does not work. The reality is, most people are doing it the wrong way.

You're told in training after taining to picque interest, not to throw up on prospects, and yet - you don't ask your prospcts any questions; and you throw up on them, time and time again.

People do this with every business too.

Doesn't matter if it's $10 to join, or $100 to join - or $10/mo to $100/mo - People refuse to LEARN the Right way to do things. Let's take a $10 business opportunity like Crazygood.

YOU say....... "I got a business called Crazygood. It's $10/mo, they pay you $1/person through 5 levels, it's a social network just like facebook, we can make $100,000 per month in it!!!"

............. and you say THIS same thing or a variation of it to 20 people. All 20 look at you funny, turn you down, and YOU start to think something is wrong with Crazygood.

So you jump into another $10 opportunity, like iLA - thinking this time, it'll be different.

You tell people... "I got a business called ila. It's $10/mo, it's a personal growth app, they have a forced matrix, we get paid on people watching videos, we can make $10,000 per month in it!!!"

You figure telling people $100k is too much, so you trim it back to $10k, and still fail to realize YOU DID NOT ASK YOUR PROSPECT A QUESTION ---- You THREW UP on them instead! You do this with friends, family, and random people you meet in person, or on social networks.

The OLD school approach, will always work.

When you go to a Lead Capture Page, do most of them TELL YOU all the info before you opt in? No........... the landing page tells you enough, to get you interested in opting in, SO that you can find out more.

That's an example of the OLD school, being used with NEW school 'technology' - it takes the same ideas, and speeds up the Recruiting process - by having everything in ONE place. The old school will always matter; learn it, master it, and you'll start to notice it in every aspect of the NEW school approaches, you'll see online.

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