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Why is the Internet-marketing industry a booming business??

Nov 23rd 2010 at 10:00 AM

Hi, and thanks for reading my articles.


I remember years ago in the netherlands , there was a big going on, and believe me, not only in the Netherlands about the Pyramid games, you remember, get in the rear of a virtual plane, bring to members and so on and so on, many persons, as a matter of fact, the first ones earned a lot, and I mean  a lot of money, the problem will be always, as in those days, after some time it is getting harder and harder to get, or find new persons to join. And the 100 million dollar system was quietly finished and a lot of people lost there money.

Let me, before I write more a little about myself, I was born in the Netherlands, 47 years ago, yes times flies by ha ha, and with  18 uears young I wa selling magazines in germany door to door, and , although most people overhere in europe are thinking very negative about this sort of business, i liked it, we slept in very good sport hotels, earned a lot of money, and at that age we had a lot of fun, this was the time, I learned to sell, not only the product but mostly myself and we must be honest by ourselves, I found out that, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT WHAT YOU SELL!!! Don t get me wrong here, we sold at the honest way, , so with fun, but also honesty.


After 6 months I had 8 workers working for me and I was working independent.

To make avery long story short(er) I was one of the best in this business, with 23 I had teams working in Austria, germany, Holland and Belgium, I earned a lot of money.

I sold my company that I had built up with day and night working, I was still young, proud and thought I had seen it all..


The bottom line of the small story is A)  you can sell (almost) anything, if you want.

B0 working alone is not that  fun then working with(much) more people. And don t forget you will earn (much) more.

After the Pyramid games Hype, some years it was very quiet on the market. suddenly you saw every were at home parties men and women, mostly in very cheap clothes telling you, when you start at this super company, you will be a millionaire in 6 months. although i laughed at them, yes I did, a lot of people followed the call and started in, what we now know as Network-marketing, or MlLM.

I di not start in this business, until....some years later I met a beautiful young lady in Germany and I must admit I was only interested, taking her out:0 but I found out she was working for such a MLM company.


I bought a starter kit, only to please her and because my "own interest;).

We were dating for a while, but no we are not married , I saw her  a few times but we didn t connect private, but she was passionate with her MLM business, only complained one time about the list, sounds familiar to you folks out there?she worked many hours for "her"MLM company and Ifelt pitty because I liked her attitude.

So what I did was,this,and believe it or not In Europe, I wrote history with this because I was the very very first who did it. So my Miss beautiful had problems with the list for neighbors, friends, family etc etc, so she could get started with those home parties trying to sell etc.

I organized, some workers from one of my companies and gave them a cell phone, this really happened:) so I let them call, cold that means, they, my workers took a telephone book and 1 started with the letter A and the next worker with the letter B and so on:.

Again want to make this very long story short(er) at the end my beautiful MLM girlfriend had in one month!!!!sponsored 76 new workers for her downline, and the best part, every worker  in her downline had a minimum of 4 new appointments/ home parties a week, sales went skyrocketing and she sponsored like hell, because My worker were making appointments like hell. it worked out very fine for miss MLM, and financial also for me, no, we are not together anymore ha ha, i am single.:)

What I try to tell you is this, you see, me and my business partner Henri, at the picture Henri is at the left side and I am at the.....right side.tried always inn our consulting business also as in marketing to do business different then the rest , I know Henri now for over 15 years and a long way we ve "walked"together:)


My advice for you starters out there, start simple, think before you do, listen to other marketeers, who are at MINIMUM 5 years or better more in this business and have proven themselves.

Don t let you blind by everything on the internet, we know after so many years, most of the products you realy don t need, what you need is a computer, with an internet connection, a blog, or better some more different blogs, by the way the blogs are for free, and don t try to invent the wheel again, start as an affiliate, selling products from other companies, take a look at click bank, or surf the internet, your start in this wonderful exiting industry can be and must bee for Free, , try it, learn by doing, read articles, they are for free. don t be shy to ask others, they also, just like Henri and me started the same way, as you starting now.

To all of you out there starting, we salute you, we are proud of you taking this step, when you want we could help, just write us, or write a comment, sent us your questions we are very glad to help.


So remember, think before you act, ask your self, do I really use this tool or that product? start selling for others, it s easy set up and you don t need the know how as if you start with your own product.

We salute you once again and all the succes we wish you in the world and behond, good luck, and remember, questions just ask, OKay?


Henri & Harry




ps more to come


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