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Why is it so hard to get referrals?

Jul 30th 2010 at 3:10 PM

I get loads of e-mails every day (luckely i created filters in my gmail) of which I read a few. Mostly I just look for the link to click in order to get points or credits or what ever.

When I glimps over I see the headlines though. Most emails come from internet marketeers in online business for years with multiple sites. Who have the credits or funds to send so many emails that it is likely that most people have already signed up before the new programs show up in the TE's where also the sites of the big guys are shown most often. So how can you compete with that? You can't if you have just started and have limited funds.

I do not say it is useless to promoot on TE's especially not when you use personal banners and splash pages but it is an illusion to think you will hit the jackpot when you are one of the first promoting new programs in the TE's. Of course there are new starters every day and when you are lucky you get a few sign ups.

There are also many link pages where you can submit your link. If you do not want to have if drop off or get more exposure you must pay. I looked at several of them and most of them have a low pagerank. I wrote emails to several of them and asked for visitor stats, I never got ans answer so be careful. When you have your own domain you better check your stats to see which ones are worth an upgrade.

What programs are likely to get referals? Programs which offer resources to gain traffic and programs which are online for a long time.

My favorites are APSense, The Marketers Co-op and Adsactly. With these 3 programs i can cover all my needs for promotion through social media, advertising through several channels and business tools like hosting and autoresponder.


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Oct 17th 2013 at 3:07 AM by marty
Thanks for sharing.
Oct 14th 2012 at 9:53 AM by najie
Very interesting reading. I intend to read more of your articles.
Aug 8th 2010 at 7:04 AM by webmiep
Hi Stella, I joined a lot TE's too. I have to since my funds are very limited. I make 16 hours a day. But i do get some signups from TE's and some other free services. One of the best resources at the moment is this faceplate because i update it often and write articles, I think. I keep track of surfing with a excel sheet i created for that purpose. In a few months when I analyse visitorstats and conversions I will cancel some of them. In the OBA books the also explain how to use te's for your advantage. The purchase of a e-book is 5 dollars but to be an affiliate you must become a member of traffic wave, because all the automated stuff like autoresponders and follow-ups from OBA is there. All other upgrades and enhancements are optional. You can do that later when you can afford it. I will be honest with you, the first few months you will not earn so much. See it like a snowbal. First you must join and promoot (making a huge snowball and rolling it to the top of the mountain, this pushing takes time and hard work). But there will come the bal is on top and starts rolling and than there is no limit. The program is set up as a stacked income. And it is and will be around for a long time since there will always be new people starting online marketing. That is one of the reasons i choose OBA. Sure there are a lot of hot items but will they still be there in 2 years or so? What if you join those, earn money and they disappear with the owner nowhere to be found... Making money with oba may take a bit longer but at least it will last. I suggest you purchase the e-book first and try the program (1st month trafficwave is free trial). Goofd luck and thanks for your comment.
Aug 8th 2010 at 6:34 AM by visionary
I am so glad that you posted this article. I found out some things that I wasn't aware of. Just like you said about the TE's,you do get a few signups now and then. I belong to so many TE's that I've lost count! I would like to check out OBA, like you said, it has been around for awhile. Stella
Aug 8th 2010 at 5:11 AM by Siamak
It is not hard to get referrals to a great program. If your program has things appreciable to offer, you will do it soooooooo easily. I got 17 referrals to TUPA in 3 days. Yes, If your program is not good, no matter how you promote it, you will not get referrals. This is my experience there.

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