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Why I Love My Home Business

Feb 27th 2011 at 6:32 AM

This is not a lovefest post, this post is just about my personal reasons of why I love the Home Based Business I've chosen. Over the years I've been involved in quite a few online businesses and that was when I was a newbie and I still consider myself somewhat of a newbie in the industry even though a lot of my posts are about newbies, its only because I was one myself and know the pitfalls of being one. My home business gives me the versatality of choosing from several different products that we offer not to mention being able to own my own personal Shopping Mall where I can go and pick a product to sell with my own link.

I also like the fact that my company is involved in the community, for instance my company is based in Atlanta Ga. and last year when they had a flood disaster my company was one of the first to offer assistance to the victims of that disaster without being asked. The owner went into the community offering his assistance to the affected families and now we have a program in place just for those kind of emergencies. Normally I used to join companies not even knowing who the owners were, my thinking was who cares who owns the company as long as I can make a profit? That line of thinking was a problem for me in the long-run. Now I know that the owner of our company has a great record in the industry, the company is solvent, debt free and growing at a record pace.

Its also a good feeling knowing my sponsor personally, we used to work for the same company in the Travel industry and when I saw him on Facebook I was curious as to what he was involved in. Network Marketing is all my sponsor does for a living and it was comforting to know that this wasn't just a hobby to him, this is his bread and butter. Its also comforting to know that he is a founding member in the company with the owners ear, in other words, if he doesn't have an answer to my problem nobody does. I can call him and if he's busy I can expect an answer ASAP. How many of you with Home Businesses can say you know the owners of your business? I'm not judgin I'm just sayin. After what I've been through in this industry I'm glad to finally have a sense of comfort.

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