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Why I consider Team Building is the future of Networking.

Jan 14th 2011 at 5:17 PM

Over many years, I have been involved, and supported people , trying to get an understanding of  the  How, and the Why,s of the network, referral business  .

Yet today, we still get the same old objections ," not for me" , "The man at the top gets  the money"   " I  don,t need it " ," I can,t introduce people to this" ," Dose anyone really make any money " etc.

"The man at to top  make more money .." I should hope so "

The man Managing  a business, Any  business, usually .

do make more money .  lets understand , WHY ??

Because, in ANY BUSINESS , he has usually been the driver,

the energy of the business . Has  built a business

and  a good management team BELOW HIM .

That puts him at the TOP . same with a network business.

The better he is at doing this in any business,especialy In the newtwork business

,the better the people skills ,will determine, just  how Large his income and business.


Its been many years, 35years, way back in the 70,s  the Amway days , since I started working in Network marketing .

The problems have always been the same ,sponsoring momentum..getting everyone in a team to sponsor their  fair share you know, most don,t

.Now online its still the same, most will NOT,or cannot get their 2.. or 3 , so it,s left up to a hand full of team drivers, to fill the holes.

this , long term, ( history proves ),  as a  concept, eventually always  fails.

The  facts are , you may be a great net-worker. able to work and support a team .. sponsor 10 -- 100 .".  or more.... but the people down underyou will averave maybe 2-3

Remember , Its deeper in the Team group organizations ,( 3rd and 4th Generations Deep) ,  where the money is .

when you get growth  down deeper in your Group ,  in your team .and  the team  seems to

take on a life of its own ,then get into Momentum , of Global growth .

But ONLY IF you build your team correctly


The solution is to work with a team ongoing support system ,  to help build their , front line and then helps them to do the same .

It is important to realize ,Your team is NOT you , or dependent on you , but continues to build down line, by the Downline team building system .Way down under YOU .

Like any Parent , your JOB is to guide them to become fully Independent of you .

This then gives your new people TIME to learn and do their bit for the team ,

They have their small front line 3-8 people ,they know it works and are motivated to get into action , to  do  their scheduled activity .  see they do not need any more , front line for themselves .

They now understand , they ONLY earn , by building deep , helping their team to build downline under them .. like any NORMAL  BUSINESS, helped along ,

with the Team building  system .

For a clearer understanding , here is a  website & Video  of  Team Building Project  .

Cheers  E-Rob Field  ( Rob )


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