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Why FAKERS Aren't Making It As Internet Marketers

Mar 14th 2011 at 7:04 AM

Well, I'm going to take another stab at pi$$ing a bunch of people off here... which shouldn't be too hard as it's one of the things I do well, just ask my wife... ;) !!

"So, Rex... why would NOT going pro on IM Faceplate COST me?"  Excellent question, and I'm glad you asked!

Here's the scenario... you are an Internet marketer who is working to make the big money online... as you should be.  There's no point in doing this if you aren't working it to be your absolute best.  A wise man once told me "Son, there's nothing worth doing in life if you aren't going to do your absolute best.  If it's not worth working for then it's not worth having!"

We see it all of the time... there are THOUSANDS of marketers out there PRETENDING to be their best, but when you examine them closely, you can easily spot who is faking it and who isn't.  It's as clear as glass when you know what to look for.

Let's use IM Faceplate as an example.  There are thousands of people using this site who want you to believe that they are successful in what they are doing.  They want you to believe they have the keys to kingdom and that they can show you the way.  What's interesting is that when you explore most of their profiles (here, there or anywhere), EVERYTHING they are doing is done for free or using free resources.

Most people are not dumb.  If you are promoting yourself as a rock star marketer who is making the big money then there's no way that you are NOT going to spend the few dollars per month to go PRO on IM Faceplate, or anywhere else for that matter.  People who are making money online spend money on their business.  If you aren't, good luck convincing people that you actually have some, or more importantly, convincing them that you can help them make more.

I see it in the discussion forums, in groups on other networks... people asking "How do I do this for free?"  The simple answer?  YOU DON'T do it for free.  If you want anything out of this industry you better be prepared to put something in.  Business is the transaction of money, products and services between two or more parties.  If you aren't willing to participate then you have no business being in business.

Nothing grinds my gears more than finding an Internet marketer, on YouTube for example, who is trying to convince everyone they know the way... yet, when you analyze the video, you can easily see that they are recording in an environment that SCREAMS of everything except success.

When you talk the talk but don't walk the walk, people will not take you seriously.  People wonder why they aren't generating opt-ins and making money... this is a big part of it.  You have to be at the top of your game and present yourself in a manner that is going to be appealing and attractive to people... both in appearance and knowledge.  A seasoned marketer DOES NOT lead with their business opportunity.  They DO NOT post ads on other people's profiles.  They lead... period, that's the key!

A good friend of mine once told me "Rex, you are only going to attract at the level you project."  If you want to attract the PRO's then my advice to you is to step up your game and become a PRO... in life and in business.  The changes will serve you well.

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Mar 18th 2011 at 4:08 PM by topnetworkeral
This is SUPERB - i signed up for IMFaceplate a while ago; I don't really USE It - but everytime I log in, I consider using it more and more; I'm now leaning towards the PRO membership, especially since I love - and would love to utilize the way it's tied into IMfaceplate here ::: well written points as well; You can't Fake it till you Make it; You've gotta Make it, and TEACH others how to do it too!
Mar 15th 2011 at 7:22 AM by elweb
Who could ever get pissed off at this? I mean who in their right mind thinks that you can win customers when the first sentence you utter is "Buy X from me".
Mar 14th 2011 at 12:36 PM by SuccessFormula4u
Great article Rex..thinking about all the marketing I have been doing over the past 7 years when compared to the people making money though well intentioned to try and help people really does not measure up. I really do need to step up my game. The proof is in my lack of results.

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