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Why Everyone Needs a Karatbars Account

Jan 3rd 2012 at 9:56 AM

Good Information is never a disadvantage.
To start 2012 - let's take a quick look at
economic developments and Statistics that define the
environment and the economy for 2012.

In the Last 36 Months.......
The US Dollar - lost well over 40% of its purchasing power.

We have seen the Government pass into law and implement
Cash For Clunkers - QE1 – QE2.
The Debt Ceiling Limit was also Increased to accommodate more spending
in an attempt to stimulate the ailing economy. This enabled the Government
to borrow more money than it was legally authorized by law.
This is the equivalent to a credit line increase.
We expect another increase in the next few days.

The Result:
Double Digit Inflation
Housing Values Plummeting
Record Government Debt 15.3 Trillion
Record Consumer Debt – Lack of Savings

5.2% of USA Families have a Savings Account.
Those that do have an average of less than $1,500.
95% of people 65 years old (or older) are dead or dead broke at age 65.

#1 Cause of divorce = Money
#1 Cause of Money Problems = Discipline
#1 Cause of Discipline Problems = Lack of Financial Education


Between 2001 and 2005 - 2.4 Trillion Dollars was created from Real Estate
re-financing and home equity loans. This money was created through
manipulation. Artificially escalated property values and housing prices
occurred. This environment was produced and encouraged by Politicians,
Banks, Appraisers and consumers that were fooled into thinking that their
home was an ATM machine.

The Problem

When EASY MONEY was shut off a debt crisis and foreclosure crisis began.
Debt to income ratios were at an all time high. Consumer spending came to a
screeching halt.

October 2008 Real Estate and Wall Street collapsed. 16.4 Trillion in household
wealth vanished.$53,419 per person. Do you know anyone that was hurt
financially when this happened?

October 2008 to today - Cash for Clunkers - QE1 - QE2 - Politicians raised the
Debt Ceiling Limit to authorize more spending. All these attempts to stimulate the
sick economy have all came and went with little or no impact on the economy
EXCEPT to further devalue the purchasing power of the USA Dollar and rack up
debt levels never before seen. The Federal Reserve ordered the US Treasury to
create and print 300% more money, in the last 3 years, to finance all these programs.

USA Top 7 Creditors Must Be Paid To Retain Credit Rating

1. Federal Reserve 2. China 3. Caribbean Banks 4. OPEC 5. Japan 6. Germany
7. UK
Where will the money come from to make these interest and principal payments?
Answer: Printing more new money and New Taxes.

The Forecast

Fact - most of the fiat paper currency, created our of thin air, is still held by Banks
and Financial Institutions to prop up their balance sheet. Expert economists know
that, when this capital works its way into the marketplace, INFLATION will rise
to an estimated 30% or more. For every action there is a reaction.

Interest Rates are projected to rise to historic levels
(remember the early 1980's?).
Taxes will rise to create new capital to supply capital for USA debt payments.
Housing prices will continue to fall as foreclosures rise.
Home owners upside down will also increase to historic levels.
Gold prices will rise to historic levels.

The Question(s)

Do you agree that we have a debt problem?
Do you agree that we have a currency problem?
Do you agree that most families have a savings and discipline problem?
How does it make you feel?
How does the current economic conditions effect you, your family and
people you know? What are you doing about it?

The Calling

Now is the time to be proactive and take action. This is NOT a time to
glide along with good intentions.Now is the time to pursue the TRUTH.
People perish for lack of knowledge.
Now is the time to pull the curtain back so we can clearly see what we
are dealing with. The facts, the truth and good information is never a
disadvantage. To win we need to know the rules to the game.

The Choice

We can listen to the politician, the banker or the media for information
and advice.We can take personal responsibility for our own financial
well being as well as others we care about.We can pay attention to the
Forecast (above) or ignore it.

The Karatbars International Business Model is the right plan, at the right
time, to help others help themselves.

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Chris Probert

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Jan 7th 2012 at 11:57 PM by Siamak
Good info!
Jan 3rd 2012 at 11:17 AM by yanger4
Right on the money!

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