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“ You can have everything you want in life; if you can just help enough others get what they want." - Zig Ziglar
Debasish Dutta | cashflow

Why Everybody should be in Network Marketing

Aug 4th 2010 at 5:08 AM

Do you know anybody . . . I MEAN ANYBODY who isn't a networker or network marketer? You do? Who is that? People network market everyday! They just don't think they do. When someone eats a meal they like at a restaurant, they tell others. When someone sees a good movie or television show, they tell others.  If someone finds a bargain or great sale at a local store, they tell others! Well, that covers just about everyone - doesn't it? The only difference between various types of networkers is some get paid and some don't. The movie theater, television station, restaurant or store probably doesn't pay you for promoting their goods or services goods to your personal network of family and friends. But those of us in Direct Sales & Marketing Business get paid for the marketing of our wonderful products through a network of people!


Let's take a look at Network Marketing or some call it Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Where does our income come from? Most companies spend up to 50% of the cost of a product on advertising alone, which can be very expensive. Network Marketing companies pay independent business owners to advertise their products or services by paying them income/commissions - people like YOU AND ME! Most Network Marketing / MLM Companies are legitimate and credible and are highly
regulated by federal, state and local laws Many are the same laws that regulate ALL businesses. Legitimate Network Marketing/MLM businesses are not get rich quick businesses, but they can be get rich slowly businesses.


There are hundreds of Network Marketing / MLM businesses that have been operating for decades and many have become household names. They include Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Shaklee, Fuller Brush and many more!


Network Marketing / MLM companies today account for BILLIONS of sales each year and income too! Also these businesses are growing at record-breaking rates. Why? Because people everywhere are seeking financial freedom, independence, more time with their family. These businesses are currently the fastest growing sector of business in India and are producing more new millionaires than any other sector of the Indian economy. Today's prospectors are seeking their fortunes in home businesses and multi-level companies.


Any business that pays commissions to Representatives is a Networking company. So how do we network? Do we sign up everyone we can and tell them to use the products? Sure, but is that all? No, of course not. If you do a home party, you are networking - just not one-on-one. Actually your time is very effective because you are networking with 10-20 or more people at once! Parties can help earn income, bonuses, sponsor new associates and train them all the same time! How about those organizations that do fundraisers? Yes, they are networkers and sometimes they network with hundreds of people! What if you set up at a show or fair? You are doing some retailing BUT you are also networking with thousands of people! These are all great opportunities to network. REMEMBER - networking is promoting your products and opportunity to others. It really doesn't matter whether you do a formal one-on-one business presentation or a home party. Your networking may be done through advertising or the Internet. If you are building your business, it doesn't matter what avenue you take - just so you get to your destination!


So why should we network? You can't do it all by yourself. Sure, you can be successful and you can earn bonuses up to a certain level without sponsoring requirements. But long-term financial security comes through sponsoring and building YOUR very own network.


If the founder of McDonalds had never started franchising, do you think billions would have been sold? If Microsoft hadn't gone worldwide, do you think Mr. Bill Gates would be the wealthiest businessman today? The same goes for YOUR business. When you think about it, franchises are network marketing, except not all of the people promoting the products are sharing in the wealth - mostly just the franchise owners. This is not true with our home -based Networking / Direct sales & marketing business. A new Associate in our company can make several hundred dollars in their first 90 days for putting forth a minimal effort and that sure beats all those people who start at minimum wage in employment.


Where are your opportunities to network? You have dozens or hundreds of them every day! Every time the phone rings you have an opportunity. What about those pesky tele-marketers? Since they are bold enough to call you, why not share your opportunity with them? Maybe they're tired of their job and they don't get paid very much. You could be doing them a great favor. Since they call people all day to sell products or services, you know they'd be great in your business! What about your trip to the grocery store? Do you see people there? How about the bank, your doctors office, your dentist, your favorite stores, your relatives, friends, neighbors? If you work you may see hundreds of people a day right there. How about your acquaintances from church or parents of your children's friends? Or put a business card or prospecting teaser with something clever written on to get someone's attention when paying bills. A great idea! When you get emails or spam promoting other business opportunities on the Internet do you just delete them? Try turning the tables and recruiting them! After all, they mailed you first so it's OK! If you're at a restaurant, leave a business card, business brochure, or catalog with your tip. Post a free ad on your grocery store bulletin board or anywhere where people gather. Do you ever network on vacation? You can and if you sign someone up you will have some good tax deductions there so you can mix business and pleasure!

You don't need a big budget to successfully network. Although there are some who may spend more than others in Network Marketing. You can be successful with little or no money to start. Did you ever hear the saying "Word of mouth is your best advertising"? Well, its TRUE! If you are enthusiastic and excited about your opportunity, you will attract others to it! Are they drawn to the opportunity? Yes, BUT they are also drawn to your enthusiasm too! If you don't look like you're enjoying yourself or having any fun, why would someone want to join YOUR Direct Sales & Marketing Business? Attitude means a lot. We're sure the founder of Wal-Mart was excited about his business - the results now are worldwide! Do you think Mr. Walton (founder) would have shopped or brought items from a competing business when he had those products in his own store? Certainly not. So if word of mouth is your best advertising (and it's free!), you must talk about your products, about your opportunity, about what this opportunity has done for you and most importantly what it can do for them! (the person you're networking with). When networking. . . concentrate on the person you're talking to and their needs. Show them how you can help them with your products or  business opportunity! That's what it's all about!

Now you are either a Network Marketing Company or a Retailing Company. Right? No - sales has to go hand in hand with networking. You could sign all the people in the world up and if they were not using or retailing your product or service - there would be no income. Of course the most important rule to stress to someone is personal usage of Amway Products. This is important for every Amway Business Owner but perhaps this is even more important for those who are selling products to others. How can you sell something to other people that you don't use yourself?

We are fortunate to have such wonderful products that selling them is easy. The wonderful products create a wonderful opportunity and that opportunity creates income! This really isn't a difficult business. Changes happen and programs may come and go, but there are really only 2 important things you have to do -  SELL and SPONSOR. Then teach those you sign up to SELL and SPONSOR, too.

By selling we mean buying for self-use or retail Products. It really doesn't matter if you are selling or using the products you ordered, just so you and your downline have monthly orders that produce monthly income for you! Not everyone will sell or retail to others - that's OK. Those you sponsor can use our products! And they may still sponsor others. There are those who may not sponsor in your downline, their sales will still generate income for you. You can keep stressing to them the importance of sponsoring. Many of them see the benefits of sponsoring as time goes on.

Everyone is different. Some may want to build their business using only one method and some may choose different methods. Some people will use a variety of methods to build their businesses and that's what we personally do. Some just purchase at wholesale, many catalog share, some do parties and fundraisers, a few do shows, some are working the internet and some just specialize in sponsoring alone. One thing everyone has in common - THEY ARE ALL NETWORKING - just using different methods. Even the person who just signs up to buy wholesale for personal usage may be telling their family or friends about some of the great Amway Products!

Networking is talking or sharing with others. It may be about the products. It may be about the business - or BOTH. Unless you are a hermit in today's society and totally independent of human life, you are all networkers. Some get paid - some network for others and don't get paid. Getting paid for your networking is definitely better! Of course the more you network, the more people you share with, the more pay you will receive. To be a successful networker you don't have to wear a 3-piece suit, you don't have to hold formal meetings or presentations, and you don't have to have the gift of gab. You do have to be enthusiastic, excited and anxious to share the features & benefits of our product and compensation plan has and How we can generate a residual value of our spare times. Do this the best way you know how - just by being yourself. People love honest people they can trust and they will be more likely to respond to you because you have earned their trust & respect.

Since everyone is a Networker already of some sort, we don't have to officially become one. We just have to keep striving to be the best networker we can be otherwise by anyway we would serve others Network system OR other will use us to built their fortune

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