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Why Every Human Smells Bad?

Aug 24th 2010 at 9:04 PM

Have you wondered why every one of us, smell bad? well its because we have sweat comes out in are body, like body odor especially on a  summer season. and are friends will tease us. well!

The sweat that gives us our body odor. This is mainly because sweat is primarily made up of water, and nutrients or minerals, excreted by our body during the process of cooling down from being heated.

We sweat as a mechanism to cool our body down from when we have become too warm or too hot, either through our environment warming up or through some form of physical activity. There are some other forms of heating involved with our body; like sickness sweating, a sweating fever, or disease sweating, but our physical activity and the environment are our main two reasons for 'sweating up buckets.

During our sweating process, where the water is brought to the surface of your skin and then cools in the surrounding air, thereby cooling you off, the minerals and nutrients are left behind by the evaporating water and they remain on your skin.

There are ways that we can avoid of being smell bad:

1.  take a bath regularly, especially a hot season.

2. cleanse your body well, use soap or liquid soap.

3. and last wash well..

or maybe because there is problem in ur physical body, so much better consult the doctor  for the treatment.

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