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Why Do People Quit Their Business ?

Jan 2nd 2011 at 1:17 PM

Occasionally I come across people publicly announcing their intention to ‘quit Internet marketing’. Frustrated by their lack of progress, these Internet marketers seem prone to post messages on Internet marketing discussion forums claiming that ‘Internet marketing doesn’t work’ or that no-one really makes any money from Internet marketing.

Of course, such statements are ridiculous. Would anyone say that ‘business doesn’t work’ or that no-one really makes any money from running a business? Well, Internet marketing IS a business.

But perhaps that’s the problem. It seems that it’s people who don’t approach Internet marketing as a business are the ones who tend to fail and give up.

The fact is that if you want to make money from selling a product or service you need to organize yourself to do so. That means running a business: identifying a target market, selecting or developing a product or service to sell to that market, creating a means of promoting, selling and/or delivering your product or service, providing customer support, and doing a host of other activities involved in running a business.

Similarly, someone who has been fooled – or has fooled themselves – into believing that making money online is as simple as pressing a few buttons needs to understand that the chances of that are as remote as the chances of running any kind of business by pressing a few buttons. It just doesn’t work like that.

Yes, yes, yes. You’ve seen all the promotions, and you’ll continue to see MORE promotions, from ‘Internet marketing gurus’ selling you the latest ‘system’ for making money online. You’ll see plenty of those ads in the Kikabink News email newsletter.

And guess what? Those systems work. But as I’ve pointed out before they work provided that YOU work. And in most, if not all, cases they still require you to run a business.

For example, even if all you do is promote CPA offers… you are still running a business promoting CPA offers and need to approach that business accordingly.

So… do you love business? Do you love Internet marketing?

Because here’s the second dose of reality: it’s not always going to be fun. Unless you love the journey, you probably won’t have the wherewithal to get to the destination, whether that’s making $3,000 per month or ‘financial freedom’.

You see, it’s not all that hard to make money from Internet marketing… if you are willing to do what it takes… and to do what it takes ultimately means loving this business to the point where you’ll persist despite the (many) challenges.

And that’s why, when I hear of people thinking of giving up… I think that maybe they SHOULD give up. If they don’t love Internet marketing enough to keep going despite the challenges, they just won’t make it in this business. They’re better off finding something else they ARE passionate about, where they have a much better chance of success, and pursue that

For those people who are passionate about Internet marketing, but are still struggling, it’s time for a reality-check about what has stopped, or is stopping, you from achieving your goals. Do any of these ‘usual suspects’ ring true:

  • Lack of focus?
  • Trying to do too many things, and not finishing any one thing?
  • Not putting in the necessary hours?
  • Working in the business, not on the business?
  • Unrealistic expectations?

By doing an honest assessment of what is holding them back and then identifying the reason(s), it’s then just a matter of taking the necessary steps necessary to progress towards success.

No, that doesn’t mean, they’ll suddenly see results. Just because they’ve chosen the right seeds, planted them and watered them, doesn’t mean they’ll have trees the next day.

Growing a business, just like growing trees, takes time. And it also takes the discipline to do specific things each and every day over a long period of time. But if someone loves running a business as much as the income it brings – just as someone else might love gardening as much as the garden itself – they’ll keep going and eventually build an Internet marketing business that brings in the desired income and other rewards.

And quitting won’t ever enter their heads…

(anna Johnson)

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Jan 3rd 2011 at 2:33 PM by greatsuccess
I just talk about why some people quited thier business. It means You're not one of them
Jan 3rd 2011 at 2:15 PM by blackfolder1
How true! I usually put in from 8- 13 hours a day and feel like I need to put in 40 a day! Not enough time to do everything-but I do love running my business and I do make money at it. (Of course, would love to make a lot more!)

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