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Why Construction Defects Arise

Dec 11th 2013 at 6:00 AM

Construction defect problems can arise because of a number of reasons. Before hiring a law firm in California, it is important to know what construction defect is. Construction defect problems, as identified by the court system in California, are defects or deficiencies in the design, construction, and materials used on the project that result in the building or property not up to the standards it what intended for.


Design deficiencies result in the largest number of construction defect problems. For the most part, the architects and engineers are liable for such a defect as they tend to abandon the standard architectural procedures and details. With the introduction of computer aided design (CAD), there has been a drastic impact on the details of design and construction.


Moving away from the traditional approach to designing has lead to an increase in potential construction defect problems. The new materials and technology, when applied, are usually untested and have limited application. Most of the materials are not ideally suited for a particular location, type of construction or applications. Neglecting the limitations and proper understanding of CAD and the materials is one of the primary causes of construction defect cases and claims.


Delegation of creativity regarding the details of the construction is also a common issue. Some architects leave the detailing to contractors as per their contract, who may not be experienced in these criteria. The role of contractors has changed significantly over time as well. Most construction defect problems take place as a result of keeping costs low and profit margins high. This initiative has reduced the emphasis on defect-free constructions. However, when claims arise, no reliable law firm california will be willing to defend such a case where it is clearly evident that the contractor is liable.


Construction contracts have become a cornerstone of the construction process. This has lead to a drop in the quality of construction as contractors protect themselves from insurance clauses and other claims. Contactors are now more than willing to buy a project, with little to no regard on coordination and quality of work.


The lack of quality assurance and quality inspection, with the overall lack in management and sequence of work has led to more construction defect problems than ever before.Such defects go unnoticed, as contractors care less about the onsite supervision, whereas the architects and engineers seemingly ignore the ever important inspection throughout the process.

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Dec 12th 2013 at 10:06 PM by GTBulmer
Interesting article. Looks like it was posted to highlight a law firm. Gives a person something to think about.

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