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Why Car loses a lot of Oils & Lubricants?

Apr 2nd 2013 at 4:15 AM

Why a car loses oil; has to be answered once just because sometime it becomes more problematic. So the question is: At what point car loses oil and which part is losing oil & Car Engine Oil leakslubricant, and what is broken or leaking?

When troubleshooting; it should be determined by which liquid is creating problem.

It Might Be: Engine Oil

If it has not just changed the engine oil is black and smells like combustion residues (such as the end of the muffler if it is hot and keeps their nose in it and smell). Crushed between the fingers, it seems to you as if small parts in between. See more semi synthetic lubricants

It Might Be: Gear Oil

Looks bright according to the variety of oil and is almost like new with light black oil patrol crossed. Certain varieties of automotive gear oils are reddish, but hardly visible after the expiry.

It Might Be: Steering Box (Power Steering) Hydraulic Oil

(Like gear oil)

When troubleshooting; an individual should proceed carefully, not always there where the oil stain on the floor or the component is smeared, comes from the oil Well. Wind, Shock and vibration will let the oil very often come to light elsewhere.

When searching for the loss of engine oil is to distinguish whether there is a high oil consumption without external defects are found or leaking engine is.

The engine uses oil, the cause lies in the engine and cannot be determined easily. The error can be limited by the pressure in each cylinder is tested, pressure loss through a faulty head gasket occur or defective piston rings / oil control rings.

Further, the oil into the cooling water reach, this can be seen when oil in the coolant expansion tank. It can also allow water to get into the oil, the closure of the valve cover are water droplets, see white foam and an oil-water mixture, the oil dipstick you experience the same symptoms. A very rare issue is that the oil gets into the fuel intake system, in certain components of the fuel and air intake system like air filter and intake manifolds there is oil.

Loss of oil through oil outlet to the various components can be narrowed down by a careful visual inspection. However, it may also be possible that only the engine, timing belt or engine compartment under protective covers must be removed.

The engine oil can leak on the sealing rings of the crankshaft. On the clutch side oil runs between the clutch housing (transmission) and engine.

It concludes with the main point that directs to stop finding the error, go find some better ways to get help from a professional mechanic; working around your nearest area. That’s it.

Loss of oil to the oil pan or the oil drain plug, it should be strictly ensured that the oil does not run down from the upper parts. Loss of oil due to defective valve cover or head gasket. Further, a loss of oil at various attachments or cracks occur on engine components.

Gear Oil

Oil is leaking from damaged seals as clutch side, the oil runs from the engine and connection. On the drives or the propeller shaft to the rear axle. On the oil drain or fill plug or the housing seal.

READ MORE for Full Article and Information.

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